What is Mobile 2.0 ? Facts and Figures

It’s absolutely necessary that more connections are made between the players in the web 2.0 sphere (a.k.a. next generation web apps & services) and what some Mobilists are calling mobile 2.0. What we mean by ‘mobile 2.0′ is another (r)evolution, already started, that will dramatically change the web and the mobility landscape that we currently know.

mobile20cloud What is Mobile 2.0 ? Facts and Figures

The idea is that the mobile web will become the dominant access method in many countries of the world, with devices that become more hybrid and networks that become more powerful - everywhere in the next decade to come. ReadWriteWeb has written a good article about the new Mobile 2.0 wave.

If you thought you are well known to the topic, Heike Scholz has made a cloud tag about the Mobile 2.0 and will show you some new perspectives.

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