Ideas for Wordpress Time Control Plugin wpSLEEP

Wordpress is a powerful bloging tool shifting over to compete with strong content-management-systems. One feature is to create drafts of posts and to schedule the publishing process of your content. Imagine there is a plugin which adds the same possibility (…)

Safer Wordpress - A Plugin To Clean Your Header

Spammers and Hackers, both need to know which content-management-system you are using. Wordpress unfortunately makes it easy for them and publishes its name and version in the header of your website. You can help Hackers and make it easier for (…)

Wordpress: How To Make A Social Network in 5 Minutes!

Update 27/12/09: This post is no longer useful. The domain seems to be sold or the content has changed, but you can download the plugin for Wordpress 2.5. See below

What if you could make your site part of a social (…)

Wordpress: Turn your blog comments into a webwide discussion

Disqus makes your comments more interactive for readers and easier to manage for you — all while connecting your community with other blogs. This wordpress plugin is for free.

Automatically boost up the download time of your web pages

PHP Speedy is a script that you can install on your web server to automatically speed up the download time of your web pages. Here’s an example, from a test page:
Before PHP Speedy - 14 requests that took 4.44 seconds

After (…)

Wordpress: Add Flickr photos to your posts by using tags

Photo Dropper is a Wordpress plugin that lets you add Flickr photos to your posts.
It searches for Creative Commons licensed photos - images that are licensed for shared use - and lets you drop them into your posts - right (…)