How To Hack Feedburner Subscriptions

We are glad to have all the submitted links and sites during the past couple days, because we could enlarge our horizon as well (thanks to all of the submitters!) and found a post by Stefan Vervoort. Unbelivable and possible! Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten has manipulated Feedburner in 2 minutes and had over 2.500 new subscriptions over night by just changing the code of your website and using netvibes.

So advertisers must start to overthink the influence of feedburner subscriptions when measuring websites for advertisement.

While the hack still works, Joop Dorresteijn is happy to tell you that Google and Netvibes are working on a solution to the problem. Steve Olechowski, co-founder Feedburner mailed him and said: “These things happen occasionally and are usually fixed in a couple of days”, he added that the feedburner counts do not influence advertisement measurement. Franck Mahon from Netvibes said: “We are working on a fix to filter out in the reporting the duplicates while still allowing people to add several instances of the widget to their startpage.” When things get fixed, it would be interesting to see the differences on some sites.

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