Hot Trends and Insights On Web 3.0

Mediapost reported the next generation of the web, or “Web 3.0″. This means more recommendations, free services, intelligent (semantic) searches, and tailored information. In an effort to heighten awareness about Web 3.0, Gege Gatt, the founder and director of ICON, recently identified some broad trends that are in tune with Web 3.0.

“To put the list in context,” says Gatt, “we’ve identified some broad trends that dominate the new crop… and which are in tune with the next generation of the web… which is no longer random data, but tailored, highly intuitive and delivered in real time.”

Read his trend predictions at mediapost.

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Feb 15, 2010
No: 4 / ID: 5636

Hi Buddy!!

Really the trend news is most interest specially in web.. !!!meet again.

Feb 06, 2010
No: 3 / ID: 5598


84 Inch Shower Curtain
Feb 01, 2010
No: 2 / ID: 5577

I still don’t understand what Web 2.0 really is - is it to do with the current incarnation in the web?

Voyage Montreal
Jan 17, 2010
No: 1 / ID: 5524

Great video!

I think there surely will be a web 3.0

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