GIVEAWAY: 3.000 Free Business Cards for Just Commenting

Business cards make you look professional. As we love to give you free stuff, it is your next chance to win your own personal business card!! MOOOOHAAAA! All you need to do is to comment!!! From all submissions we will pick 3 winners who get 1.000 buiness cards each! Please say hello to Jeremy from or tweet around it. By the way: Stay up to date about our freebies and follow us on twitter.

Business Card Giveaway by KnowTeBook

Why the hell do I need a business card?

Fame yourself! Ever been in a scenario when someone asked you if you had a business card and you had to write your contact information on a slip of paper or a napkin? It’s not the ideal situation, is it? Having a business card is integral to running a successful business and networking with other people. Business cards are an extension of you and your business. Your business card is a portable and mini version of who you are, what you do, and how to get a hold of you. Read this great article why you need a business card and key facts to remember. Also interesting to read “Does a blogger need a business card?” from Randy Clay.

Winning Guide

  • If you are declared a winner, you will have one week to redeem your set of cards. Feel free to resell them, give them away, or use them all for yourself.
  • The first set of winners will be declared around September 13, 2009
  • The cards will come on thick 16pt card stock
  • They can be printed with a matte finish, or a glossy UV finish
  • For those within the continental US, shipping is included. Those outside this area will unfortunately be responsible for actual shipping costs.


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Any questions? Let us know!

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Whatever you want to say!

Sep 19, 2009
No: 23 / ID: 4900

I’d like some stylish business cards please !

Internet Business
Sep 11, 2009
No: 22 / ID: 4837

Count me in ;) Could definitely use some additional business card :D

Rosca Ionel
Sep 11, 2009
No: 21 / ID: 4834

..would LOVE to get my hands on some of these sweet, sweet Business Cards :D

Sep 09, 2009
No: 20 / ID: 4827

Hi, thank you for this giveaway. I’m subscribe rss, follow, and RT this post:

Sep 02, 2009
No: 19 / ID: 4790

Thanks…I was just thinking I should order some cards, so I’ll definitely use these if I win. :)

Sep 01, 2009
No: 18 / ID: 4781

Perfect timing for me! :)

Aug 31, 2009
No: 17 / ID: 4780

thanks jeremy. here it goes !

Roberto XSM
Aug 29, 2009
No: 16 / ID: 4771

ready to win!

Aug 29, 2009
No: 15 / ID: 4770

Business cards are my specialty!

Aug 28, 2009
No: 14 / ID: 4765

My design is ready :-)

Aug 28, 2009
No: 13 / ID: 4763

My Business card design is almost done! ;)

Sonali Agrawal
Aug 28, 2009
No: 12 / ID: 4761

Wow…this is so exciting…Just the thing I have been wishing for so long….A business card…

jon burgess
Aug 28, 2009
No: 11 / ID: 4760

bu bu bu business card

Alex C
Aug 28, 2009
No: 10 / ID: 4759

I’d like some stylish business cards.

Aug 28, 2009
No: 9 / ID: 4757

Great promotion

Tomas Laurinavicius
Aug 28, 2009
No: 8 / ID: 4755

I would like to win!

Aug 28, 2009
No: 7 / ID: 4754

That’s exactly what I need right now! Let me WIN! :o)

Aug 28, 2009
No: 6 / ID: 4753

Hi from a French guy !

I hope to win some business cards :)
Good luck to everyone.

Aug 28, 2009
No: 5 / ID: 4752

Hi from a French Guy,

I also hope to win :) good luck to everyone !

Bill Kracke
Aug 28, 2009
No: 4 / ID: 4748

And here be the winning comment. (Not likely…)

Aug 28, 2009
No: 3 / ID: 4747

Business cards! I hope I win some!

Russell Bishop
Aug 27, 2009
No: 2 / ID: 4745

Viva la business card!

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