Convert your Image To Vector Online For Free

If you would like to convert any image to vector, there is an easy way to do that without using any software like Photoshop or Illustrator. Vector Magic allows you to convert images to vector directly from their website.

vector-magic-1 Convert your Image To Vector Online For Free

Just upload any image from your computer. It is very easy to use, just follow the instruction and you will have your vector image. Then select the output vector (EPS) or in Bitmap (PNG) to download. They have are different prize-plans, but if you register new you will get 2 tries for free.

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Jul 24, 2011
No: 16 / ID: 9106

It’s still free, you just have to signup then go to My Images. You can download the .png file for free.

Jun 30, 2011
No: 15 / ID: 8781

Still no longer free!

Jun 21, 2011
No: 14 / ID: 8582

Check out Viking Arts at Raster to vector conversions for betwen $5 and $25 with a 24 hour turn-around

Samer Wadie
Jan 28, 2011
No: 13 / ID: 7880

use an illustrator CS5 to convert any image type to a vector show in youtube

Mystery Shopper
Aug 28, 2010
No: 12 / ID: 6788

Does anybody know a free site to convert images into vector? I can use standard ‘Bitmap’ image programs but haven’t got a clue when it comes to Vector images! Could really do with editing a logo file right now - thanks.

Top Web Hosting Providers
Apr 16, 2010
No: 11 / ID: 5990

You need to download Inkscape, an open-source freeware vector imaging program. After clicking “download”, click “Run” to have the program installed on your computer. The default folder it chooses is usually OK to install it into. After installation, select “Open Program” to begin.You will not need to learn very much about the program to make a vector conversion. The function is mostly automatic, with a few options available that you can use to preview the image.

Freya Swimwear
Mar 25, 2010
No: 10 / ID: 5892

With VectorMagic, tracing raster images into vector files in Adobe Illustrator is the past. Not only is VectorMagic able to perform these simple task of retracing raster images to vector in minutes, it is quite accurate. I suspect it is a matter of time before Adobe decided to purchase this piece of software and integrate it to Illustrator, just like many of the new features found in Photoshop such as smart resizing in CS4.

Festival Tents
Mar 13, 2010
No: 9 / ID: 5796

Bitmap images cannot be directly converted, but instead are replicated and saved as a new vector image. This is usually done by either hand-tracing or auto-tracing with software. Hand-tracing refers to the process of actually tracing over a drawing that has been scanned in or imported into a graphics editor. Usually a tracing tool or even the pen tool in Adobe CS or Photoshop can be used to hand-trace a drawing in order to replicate it to save as a vector image.

Sales Recruitment
Mar 03, 2010
No: 8 / ID: 5733

I agree. I’ve used their services too and the quality is outstanding. No auto tracing program will ever give you such results. This has always managed to amaze me! thanks!

Bryn Thomas
Dec 18, 2009
No: 7 / ID: 5388

Brilliant stuff! yeah and it really does suck that they do not give it out for free anymore.. But its still worth the money, so I think it would still sell out!!

Bowling Tips
Oct 28, 2009
No: 6 / ID: 5138

Yes, too bad it’s no more free. It would have been a really awsome resource to many graphic designers. Thanks for the article though. Cheers

concrete garages
Sep 28, 2009
No: 5 / ID: 4964

It is really great, but there’s a disadvantage of SVG is that it is not popular. JPEG is still the most used graphic format until now. But still a useful tool! thanks for sharing!

update music
Sep 17, 2009
No: 4 / ID: 4870

Ohh. That’s too bad. Anyone else knows any free site that can convert images to vector? I really can use a site like that. I’m a student and I’m unable to pay for sites.

Gas Fires Liverpool
Sep 03, 2009
No: 3 / ID: 4796

I got stuck! I cannot save the file to plain SVG format – every time I try I receive a white square with nothing inside (I’m using the latest Inkscape 0.4.6, 7zipped; I tried converting several images).
The only thing which works is saving as a PDF file. But this doesn’t seem to be a bright idea to me as I’d like to edit the file later in CDR.
Has anyone of you got the same problem as I did?

joomla modules
Aug 30, 2009
No: 2 / ID: 4773

Wow. That’s really awesome. I would really love to try it out. But too bad it’s not free anymore. Nevertheless, thanks a bunch. Cheers

Jun 29, 2009
No: 1 / ID: 4443

Vector Magic is no longer free. Booo!!

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