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Links might habe to be approved before appearing and we might filter out links that may not be relevant to the audience. We are generally looking for:

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Previous User Submissions

1. 28MM a photography magazine

28MM is an online a photography magazine. We showcase traditional, digital, and lo-tech photography by amateur, hobbyist, and professional photographers.

2. Create your own social network for anything

easy to use, no programming skills required, includes forums, groups, videoupload, pictureupload, newsletter-system, RSS, Event-Tool and much more

3. tutorial on searching the web

Lessons designed to get you started in the right direction with a minimum of time and effort.

4. Fix for Transparent PNGs in IE 6

1KB javascript fixes some functionality problems with IE’s filter

5. Under Construction Page With Ajax Newsletter

Cool And Free “Under Construction” With Ajax Newsletter

6. 23 blockquote examples

Nice examples of styled blockquote elements.

7. cforms II

A plugin for WordPress, offering convenient deployment of multiple ajax contact forms throughout your blog or even on the same page.

8. The Rank

High definition design resources

9. Web Developer's Handbook

Web Developer’s Handbook is a list of essential web-sites, which make the life of web developers easier.

10. Quantcast

Media measurement service that lets advertisers view audience reports on millions of websites and services

11. Cool RSS Feed Icons

40+ Really Cool RSS Feed Icons

12. 10 New Wordpress Themes

I made a list of 10 new wordpress themes that i like. Enjoy it.

13. FF Meta: Photo Series

A photo showcase of usage of typeface FF Meta.

14. Planet Photoshop

Online Photoshop Tutorials, Tips and News.

15. Adsense Ready WordPress Themes

Great resources for Adsense Ready WordPress themes. Activate it and enjoy!

16. 40 most beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008

View the top 40 amazing, beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008

17. Friday’s Five: Week 8 | The BEST of the week!

The top 5 for the week: Logos, Websites, Blog Posts, Photographs, and Illustrations.

18. 10 CSS tricks to conquer the world!

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but these CSS tricks are sure to help improve your toolset!

19. Ultimate Source for tiled background patterns

An excellent resource for repeating background patterns / images for web design and creative minds

20. Start Blogging - How-To Start Blogging Guide

Start Blogging - Extensive How-To Start Blogging Guide. I will give startup tips and the things you should look for. Start blogging too!

21. Constraints, Creativity and Webdesign

Article about how constraints fuel creativity and how this effect can be leveraged in web design.

22. Cymbolism

A new website that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words. It’s fun, and dead simple.

23. Install PHP, Apache and MySQL on windows

Install wordpress without cPanel support.

24. How to install wordpress manually?

Install wordpress without cPanel support.

25. Automatic wordpress installation

Install wordpress using cPanel or SimpleScripts.

26. How to update wordpress blog automatically?

Update wordpress automatically.

27. Awesome artistic inspiration from music magazine adverts

Music magazine advertisments are truly works of art, they can provide some good ideas for any designer be it for web or print

28. Simple Animated Menu for Mootools 1.2

A simple to install menu that lets you add “flashy” menu effects. Includes a zip with all essential files.

29. Freebies: icons, graphics, textures, buttons, fonts, logos

A list with some free stuff icons, graphics, textures, buttons, fonts and logos, i hope you enjoy it.

30. Mediaslap Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brush resources plus you can sell your brushes on the site.

31. Increase productivity through desktop customisation

Follow these tips to desktop customisation bliss.

32. How to handle critics for the freelance designer

Here is a few tips on how to handle critics in a client/freelancer relationship.

33. How to embed PHP, MySQL, HTML or JavaScript source code within wordpress posts or pages?

Learn source code embedding and syntax highlighting within wordpress posts or pages.

34. How to move wordpress from hosting site to local computer or to a new domain?

Move wordpress blog from web hosting company to your machine or to a new domain.

35. 5 steps for drawing complex vector sun rays

get some real funky, retro vector sun rays for your backgrounds in less than a minute.

36. How to run browser compatibility check in Dreamweaver?

Check your web layout for browser compatibility issues.

37. How web browser resolves CSS conflicts?

Understand CSS conflicts.

38. Irresistible Websites: Part One

What makes a website irresistible? A series looking at websites employing striking design techniques to attract visitors.

39. SEO Tools: A Collection of SEO Bookmarklets

17 SEO bookmarklets to make your research a little easier. Each comes with a description and all were tested in FF3, IE7 and Safari

40. 30 Tutorials That Will Teach You Illustrator

Teach yourself how to use Adobe Illustrator in 30 easy to follow, fun filled tutorials.

41. Day 1 of 30 Days of Mootools 1.2 Tutorials

Part 1 in a 30 part Mootools 1.2 tutorial. This first installment is an introduction to the library, featuring an overview of the library components and a few helpful links.

42. Freebies - Grunge Circle Photoshop Brush Pack

A set of 8 high resolution grunge circle photoshop brushes are free for you to use however you like, commercial & non-commercial.

43. 30 Days of Mootools 1.2 Tutorials - Day 2 - Selectors

Day 2 of 30 days of Mootools 1.2 tutorials featureing Selectors.

44. Irresistible Websites Part Two: Playful Sites

When it comes to web style, playful is very, very popular.

45. Why use vector packs to design?

Vector packs are a group of elements that make your “designer life” much easier because they are already made and you just need a bit of talent and imagination to fit them in your designs.

46. Full Frontal Freelance

New freelance tumblelog with a pinch of humor and a ton of resources.

47. How To Hack Gmail Account & How To Protect Your Gmail Account

Learn how you must protect your GMail account from hacking!

48. Rethinking CSS Font Sizing Techniques

Your website’s text needs to be accessible & scalable, as there are many people who change the default font size.

49. create a well designed, user friendly website

A web site needs to be attractive, accessible and functional and here is how to do it.

50. How to reduce page load time of your wordpress blog?

Learn how to reduce page load time so that your wordpress blog loads faster in web browser.

51. 30 Tutorials That Will Teach You Photoshop

Teach yourself how to use Adobe Photoshop in 30 easy to follow, fun filled tutorials.

52. 30 days of Mootools - Day 8 - Input Filtering

30 days of Mootools tutorials kicks off its second week with a two part tutorial on filtering input. This tutorial deals with numbers and the next one will focus on strings.

53. Freebies - 160 Natural, Industrial, Grunge and Fabric Textures

A set of 160, 2080×1544 high-resolution photos contain a mix of natural, industrial, grunge and fabric textures. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

54. Irresistible Websites Part Three: Textures

The third part in this series on irresistible websites looks at the use of textures and layering as appealing design features.


The leading actor Nils sits in an empty room and waits for the new Ikea catalog in September.

56. 31 Websites Using Wood Elements

I just launched the 2nd list for Web Design trends on CssLeak. The Websites Using Wood Elements : There is already 31 Design ordered by popularity.

57. 20 Tips and Tricks to Speed-Up Your Wordpress Blog

20 Professional Tips and Tricks to help you speed-up your Wordpress blog.

58. Over 550 Photoshop Brush Packs Free for Commercial Use

Links to thousands of free photoshop brushes that are free for you to use in both your commercial and non-commercial design

59. Unobtrusive jQuery slide toggle with cookies

Want an unobtrusive solution to a slide toggle div using jQuery? Look no further!

60. How to use WordPress as a Truly Customized CMS (Multiple Headers, Footers, Sidebars and more!)

Info on using WordPress as a CMS (not just as a blog) with “How to” resource links

61. Pixel Precision with Diagnostic CSS

By applying just 2 classes to the HTML element, you can place a design mockup behind a webpage to aid pixel precise development.

62. Six Helpful Firefox 3 SEO Extensions

List of Firefox extensions to make SEO research, link analysis and SERP monitoring easier.

63. 10 Free Ancient Ruins Photoshop Brushes

A set of 10 free photoshop brushes available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

64. Using Photoshop to create an Online Brand

Learn how to create an online brand image for your clients

65. inspireUX

Words to inspire user experience designers

66. Managing Inspiration

Defining and managing creative inspiration are a web designers best friend. Learn how.

67. 30 Tutorials That Will Teach You Fireworks

Teach yourself how to use Adobe Fireworks in 30 easy to follow, fun filled tutorials.

68. Friday’s Five: Week 10

The best of the week! My pick for the best: logos, websites, blog posts, photographs, and illustrations.

69. Mac or PC? - VOTE NOW (If You’re A Designer)

The age old debate… to use Mac or PC? Cast your vote.

70. Google launches browser

It is out of the pipeline: Google launches an own browser!

71. Best Photoshop Resources of August 2008 | CrazyLeaf Design Blog

The best Photoshop tutorials, brush packs and texture packs of August 2008.

72. Best 22 Websites as of August 2008

22 most beautiful websites for August 2008.

73. NEW - Wall Vinyl Art

Transforming “wall space” into a visual element of interiors

74. Microsofts FREE student licenses

Professional Developer and Designer tools for students at no charge .

75. The key to success! Really

You have probably seen a lot of ebooks telling you that they have the secret key to success, guess what, its NO secret because you already have it. Its time to discover it.

76. Best Design Resources of August 2008 | CrazyLeaf Design Blog

The best design resources of August 2008 in these topics : General Design, Typography, HTML, CSS and Typography

77. Styletime contest launch! Donate a dollar for BlogActionDay and win some great prizes!

OK so enough hyping and fannying around here it is! A blog contest fund raiser against poverty for BlogActionDay! does exactly what it says on the tin!

78. How to set up Wordpress on Your Hard Drive

A step by step tutorial teaching you how to set up Wordpress on a hard drive using Xampp.

79. Add Scroll Bars to Full Browser Flash with a Simple jQuery Plugin

Got a great Flash site? Can it be used by someone with low resolution? This plugin offers an easy way to keep your full browser Flash from getting too small.

80. 30 Tutorials That Will Teach You Flash

30 fun filled, easy to follow tutorials that will teach you Adobe’s Flash.

81. Free Silverlight Controls And Tools For Brighter Websites

A collection of free Silverlight controls, components & tools to help making your websites brighter.

82. 10 jQuery scripts to improve your site's interface

Collection of jQuery scripts you’d actually use day to day in web design

83. Why online advertising is goining to take a big fall

Advertising has been a major marketing tool online for years and publishers made millions out of it, not anymore. It is becoming harder than ever to advertise successfully, users ignore advertisements completely and avoid clicking on them.

84. D:/Templates - Final resting place of all good Vector’s PSD files and more…

Not being a designer means you have to HEAVILY rely on the talent and free offerings from other people to make your blog posts look as if they havent been created by Frankenstein.

85. Who’s Collis?

Mini Interview with this man they call Collis….

86. Illustration Artists Showcase and Inspiration - Part 1

A collection of illustration artists work, resources, tutorials

87. Creating A Glossy Navigation Bar

Learn to create a glossy navigation bar from scratch in Photoshop.

88. Indie clothing by xok

Indie clothing to promote life, music, and happiness.

89. Dating Your Clients

Advice for designers when working with a new client.

90. Matt

The BEST logos, websites, blog posts, photos, and illustrations for the week!

91. Useful .htaccess Tricks for Webmasters

List of .htacces tricks that are useful to any webmasters running on apache server.

92. 10 Flash Websites with Unique Designs

List of 10 Flash Websites with unique designs for inspiration in no particular order.

93. Turn a Photo to Vector Art

A simple way to turn a photo into a vector art without the hassle of tracing and recoloring

94. Turn postcard photo into a stunning comment form using CSS

Tutorial that will teach you how to create a stunning comment form using old postcard photo

95. 38 Character Illustrations in Web Design

I just launched the 4th list for Web Design trends on CssLeak. The Websites Using Character Illustrations : There is already 38 websites.

96. 38 Character Illustrations in Web Design

I just launched the 4th list for Web Design trends on CssLeak. The Websites Using Character Illustrations : There is already 38 websites.

97. SumoJelly Design Blog! - Latest, 'LegoLand Forever"

Fueled by Design

98. Create an applestyle menu improved with jQuery

Learn how to create an apple style menu from scratch using Photoshop, HTML, CSS and then improve it via jQuery

99. FREE Product of the Week from! is starting permanent superb action “Free Product of the Week!” Have a look at the product that is free this week.

100. 10 Reasons I will NOT leave comments

top 10 reasons I will not leave comments on some blogs

101. 37 Creative Photography Portfolios

A collection of inspiring photography portfolios by artists from all around the world!

102. The ‘Creativity’ Wallpaper | Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is possibly one of my favourites as I love the outcome, we are going to create a desktop wallpaper with a bit of a difference

103. 30 Cool Pink Web Designs

Who said that pink is only for little girls???

104. 45 web design books professionals recommend

web design-related books that would help you improve, broaden and polish your web design knowledge and skills!

105. MdStock - Free Daily Stock

Free Stock Photos and Vectors, Design Materials and Articles.

106. Friday’s Five: Week 12 | The BEST of the week!

Friday’s Five is a series in which I feature the best: logos, websites, blog posts, photographs, and illustrations for the week.

107. Joomla backup and restore SQL database

A brief how-to on backup and restore your Joomla SQL database.

108. Free Colourful RSS icon set

In the pack you can find 24 different colours 32-px png files. You are allowed to use ColourfulRSS icon set for commercial or non-comercial projects.

109. Aesthetic Girls

New cool group on flickr with female models sourounded by designs made in photoshop/illustrator. Submit your designs!

110. How-to download and save video files from any website | Web Unleashed

How-to download and save video files from websites i.e. flash, *.swf, *.flv, *.mpg, *.avi

111. Absolute positioning Vs. floats

Insightful article discussing the differences between absolute positioning and floats and when to use which technique

112. Exclusive Interview with Japanese Artist - Feebee

Feebee is an established Japanese artist with a wealth of experience. In her creative work you may feel the Japanese motives interlaced with the modern age trends. The main characters of her works are girls. But the the most important aspect for her is not to draw them as beautiful as possible but to express their inner world.

113. 6 Ways To Promote Your Blog Article

Content is only king when you are able to promote your article around the web. Learn how to promote your articles.

114. Photo showcase: Airport Signage Design

A photo showcase of Airport Signage & Wayfinding design

115. Braintalk with Matt Owen from Volumeone

Designer Matt Owen talks about his life and work

116. Creating Usable Website Navigation

A guest post by Nathan Beck on creating usable website navigation

117. A Free Social Media Icon Set

Free social media icon sets from Arbenting! And announcements of our coming social media directory for designers!

118. CrazyLeaf Design Blog Community

Web design and graphic design community ment to encourage interaction between the readers of our blog and between designers in general, discussions on web design and web development topics and promotion of your articles.

119. What Lies Beneath the Art of Ambigrams

John Langdon, an outstanding lettering artist and ambigram creator, reveals the secrets of designing beaytiful ambigrams.

120. Wednesday Weekly Spotlight #9 | Arbenting

The team at Arbenting is back with another installment of the Wednesday Weekly Spotlight to inject a bit of inspiration into your mid-week humdrum.

121. Essential Web Developer Tools

List of must have web development resources including xhtml / css validation, browsers, ie6 transparent PNG’s etc. What’s on your list?

122. Ten Questions For My Ink Blog’s Andrew Houle!

Arbenting sits down with My Ink Blog’s Andrew Houle to ask him a few questions on design.

123. Free Photoshop Brushes Download

Media Slap sent me an email to giveaway some of there finest brushes

124. Show me some well designed logos! #4

The weekly logo design showcase where you can see 20 company logos or other kind and get inspired in creating your own logo. If not, you can always hire someone

125. Tom Muller Interview

Interview with award winning graphic designer Tom Muller of

126. The 20 Greatest Robots in Movies of All Time!

It’s an amazing collection of the most popular and most recognizable robots in movies of all time.

127. FREE Professional Vector Illustration!

Vector Illustration of amazing retro-car from the legendary 70’s absolutely free! Don’t miss an opportunity to download it for free now!

128. Suggest a vector pack

We want to offer you vector packs that you need but you don’t find or you are not satisfied. Please tell us what you wish to find on our website and you can’f find somewhere else. We will listen to you and try to satisfy as many as we can. So what kind of vectors do you need?

129. Talking Typography Part 1: Afterthought Typography, Blogs and Websites

Arbenting’s new series about typography kicks off with Part 1 : Afterthought Typography, Blogs and websites.

130. Featured inspiration: Maciej Hajnrich

It’s art? It’s graphic design? It’s typographic? It’s exploding with colors and imagination? It’s… all these and more. Eye candy overbrimming portfolio of Maciej Hajnrich

131. Social Icons made of wood

A small set of social icons made of “wood”

132. SumoJelly's Blog! - Advertising at its Best

Latest from the SumoJelly Corner, advertising at its best!

133. Blogger Showcase - Show Casing Blogger Powered Blogs

First showcase Inspiration site for blogger powered blogs built on blogger.

134. Show me 3d Abstract Inspiration!!

Click here to give your inspiration a real ‘Boost’! 15 beautiful examples of the best 3d abstract art.

136. Coca-Cola Eye-catching Brand Designs

A collection of Coca-Cola brand designs from all over the world!

137. The best 44 photoshop text effects tutorials on the web!

No a days design is very important, so for some (more) insparation i have put together a list of text effects tutorials, 44 photoshop text effects tutorials to be precise.

138. Ten Questions For Fuel Your Creativity’s Adelle Charles

Arbenting interviews Adelle Charles from Fuel Your Creativity

139. Ajax Example

All ajax tutorials and examples.

140. Fubiz

Daily dose of inspiration

141. How To Stop Scrambling For Clients And Get A Steady Stream Of Paying Gigs

Freelancing can be your ticket to freedom — but it can also be a terrifying ride if you have a hard time getting a steady stream of clients.

142. Design Vocabulary - Typography Terms - Week 1

To kick things off on this inaugural list: Typography Terms!

143. ff Rotis Sans is everwhere

A photo showcase of Rotis sans in the wild… Did you have your Rotis today?

144. Are you a design whore?

A great article on what defines us as designers : money or the passion for design ?

145. The Best 30 Art Magazines for Submitting Your Artworks!

Learn how to get known to a huge audience by submitting your artworks to more than 30 of well visited art magazines and portals. This is a totally free kind of self promotion.

146. Tattoo Vector Pack

10 free high quality vector triball designs

147. 111 great and free textures from stock.xchng

111 great and free textures from stock.xchng. Go and check it out.

148. Texturise :: Free Watercolor Textures

Free watercolor textures done in a wet on wet and plastic wrap technique.

149. 70+ Impressive artworks - Autumn Inspiration

We would like to present 70+ Impressive artworks where autumn was as an excellent source of inspiration.

150. Interview with Graphic Designer Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen

Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen is a graphic designer and illustrator from Finland. Among his works we may find surreal photomanipulations, 3D experiments and illustrations.

151. Inspiration in Red

Arbenting’s new experimental inspirational series kicks off with Inspiration in Red. A varying collection of beautiful works in the shade of red.

152. 10 ways to screw-up a start-up

10 tips for (avoiding) screwing up a start-up

153. 10 features Ubuntu should implement

Ubuntu is a great Linux distro and has achieved a lot in very less time. Here are a few ideas that Ubuntu could implement. Most of these are GUI changes that are very simple but exciting.

154. A list of nice and free socialbuttons

A list of very nice and free social buttons

155. 20 Blogs You Need To Add To Your RSS Reader!

Comprehensive list of must have RSS feeds.

156. 26 Business Cards of Designers on Twitter

See what other graphic and web designers (on Twitter) business cards look like and how to follow them on Twitter.

157. 15 mac apps web designers should have in their dock

I’ve compiled a list of Mac Apps I have in my OSX dock that I use on a daily basis and should be useful to other Mac users and/or web designers.

158. Graphic trend in SS09

Things we may see after the SS09 runway show

159. Time Management And Efficiency - The Key To A Successful Freelancing Career

This is an article discussing the classic conundrum of time management for freelancers worldwide.

160. Beautiful and interesting Polaroid collections

A selection of 18 beautiful and interesting collections of Polaroid pictures.

161. Freebies - Circular Fractal Photoshop Brush Pack 2

The second pack of circular fractal photoshop brushes, an original from Arbenting, for free commercial and non-commercial use!

162. WordPress Custom Field Tutorial

Tutorial on how to use WordPress Custom Field to give each your blog entries a unique look.

163. 10 Ultra Cool Retro Blocky Fonts

Great list of really useful retro fonts. Great for typography posters!

164. FREE Halloween Illustration of charming mummy!

Professional illustration with cute and fun mummy is just the thing for unforgettable Halloween celebration on your blog or website.

165. 208 Retro Photoshop Patterns

A large collection of deliciously retro Photoshop patterns for all you old schoolers.

166. Getting Your Traffic ‘Right’!

Arbenting takes a look at site traffic, and a few of the ways that we track and build it. Pointing out how Getting Your Traffic ‘Right’ can be a chore.

167. 8 Print Finishes to Spice Up Your Designs

How to spice up your designs with various finishes, folds and techniques

168. It’s Twitter Time! Free vector icon set

Free Twitter Icon Set which is 100% vector

169. 12 Beautiful Twitter Themes

Just putting together a few themes, that really impressed me.

170. Cross browser rounded corner techniq using css

Talks a freash idea about making curved div and elements using just 3 line css with an htc hack for IE. Checked in 9 popular browser versions.

171. Back to the Past: Retro Car Ads Inspiration

A collection of nostalgic and inspirational retro car ads!

172. Another 111 great and free textures from stock.xchng

After the success of 111 great and free textures from stock.xchng that i wrote a couple of weeks a go i decided to write another post

173. Inspiring Grunge Style Big Typography Posters

Inspiring big typography posters, with a grunge edge and a retro touch

174. Lose the color! Commercial illustration showcase

Is black-and-white is only for print and budget projects? Think again! Designfeedr showcases the hottest b/w commercial illustration pieces.

175. Residual Income Is Pure Gold - A Freelancer’s Bonus

A little something for freelancers to consider: residual income.

176. Designer Tees! Wear your art on your sleeve

original t-shirt designs catch my eye more than most graphic art that I see. Mainly because I can wear it Functional art, oh baby!

177. Inspiration in Orange!

Arbenting’s new experimental inspirational series kicks off with Inspiration in Orange. A varying collection of beautiful works in the shade of orange.

178. Famous Web Designer Portfolio Showcase

Their names are very well known in the web so here it is CSSCount gathered a list 15 Famous Web Designer that will surely help you increase your designing skills. They are very inspiring and CSSCount Admired them so much.

179. How To Make Your Portfolio Better And Get More Clients: Part 2

Learn an abundance of ways of marketing yourself effectively both offline and online through your portfolio.

180. 29 Of The Best Print Design Projects Submitted By The Designers Themselves

I asked my fellow graphic designer’s on Twitter if they would be interested in submitting what they feel to be their best or favorite printed design project. Here’s what they’ve got to show for it…

181. Photoshop, Piracy and Popularity

Adobe’s Photoshop does have a whole lot of users, but that’s no reason for the company to break out the champagne. Why? Because more than half of these users have not purchased their copy through legitimate means.

182. Beautiful Mail art collection

30 something examples of beautifully decorated envelopes, featuring collages, calligraphy, drawings, and more.

183. 25 Hot Female Web Designers

A list of 25 female web designers who are hot at web design

184. 88 Impressive artworks, Tutorials and Free Icon Sets - Happy Halloween

Ready for Halloween? If not yet, we present especially for you 88 artworks, tutorials and free icon sets which you can use to inspire for creating something crazy, something horror, something special for Halloween.

185. Ultimate List of Snap Shot Site

Street Fashion Shot stie for Fashion designers

186. Wordpress + Plugins = Personal ffffound

Use Wordpress and some custom plugins/Firefox to create your own image bookmarking website!

187. 20+ iPhone Apps for designers

A useful list of iPhone Apps for graphic designers

188. Artemy Lebedev Interview: Design Will Save the World!

Interview with number one Russian designer Artemy Lebedev!

189. It’s Just Such a Creative Logo!

Arbenting’s entry for the Design You Love Group Writing Project focusing on Just Creative Design’s lovely logo

190. 26 Useful Tips and Tricks for Freelancers

Having a tough time freelancing and need a few pointers? Read ahead.

191. 100 Beautifully Illustrated Horror Movie Posters: Part 1

An inspirational showcase of illustrated horror and sci-fi movie posters in the spirit of the Halloween season.

192. Arbenting’s Social Media Directory for Designers Launches!

Arbenting’s Directory for Designers goes live and tries to tie the design community’s social media networking together. A Social Media Directory for Designers.

193. Free Illustrations

Hurry up for a new spine-chilling free illustration. Halloween magic is coming into force!

194. CS4 - To upgrade or not upgrade, that is the question | CrazyLeaf Design Blog

Is the upgrade to CS4 worth it ? Why ?

195. 30 Beautiful Illustrator Brush and Symbol Collection

Illustrator brushes are always underestimated and there are a lot less around than Photoshop brushes, but I looked all over the web to search for the best brushes, I could find - enjoy!

196. Surreal Paintings from Two Amazing Artists - Vladimir Kush and Jim Warren!

The works of the international celebrities, two of the greatest surreal artists, masters of imagination - Vladimir Kush and Jim Warren are presented in this article.

197. Public Art: Astonishing Ideas!

This article is is devoted to astonishing and creative pieces of public art.

198. Show me some well designed logos! #9

I’ve gathered 21 great inspirational design logos for this week’s article. Don’t forget to submit a good logo if you want it to be in the next week’s article (note: not all submitted logos will be accepted, only the ones as good as these shown in our section).

199. Familiarity abd Learnability/

Two important concepts in designning usable websites

200. Should Freelancers Be Blogging?

Blogging is something that has taken the Internet by storm. Everyone’s doing it - but do you think blogging is a good way to get more exposure as a freelancer?

201. The Very Best of Free Fonts

A list containing the best of the free fonts around today.

202. Inspiration from Collage art

Beautiful samples of Collage art

203. 50 Design Studios from 50 States

Below is a list of 50 popular, well-known or quality Design Studios from each of the 50 States.

204. Spooky Halloween Wallpapers!

The collection of Halloween wallpapers to decorate your desktop!

205. 25 Gorgeous Websites of October round up

CSSCount round up a 25 Gorgeous Websites in October. We found several websites out their but we only collect the most outstanding one and now we already completed them and showcase here in our gallery. Most of this websites are already showcase in other CSS Galleries and we gather it into one place.

206. 9 Brilliantly Designed Portfolio Websites

Want to see some brilliantly designed portfolios? Look no further.

207. 10 sites dedicated to quality photoshop brushes

A collection of 10 sites dedicated to quality photoshop brushes

208. Inspiration in Yellow

The latest installment of Arbenting’s inspiration in color series. Inspiration in Yellow focuses on images of a yellow theme.

209. 70+ Impressive artworks - Autumn Inspiration

Today we would like to present 70+ Impressive artworks where autumn was as an excellent source of inspiration. Let’s take a close look at some of the most breathtaking artworks we’ve found on deviantart and flickr.

210. Weekly Flash tutorial roundup #6

Another week, another article, some more Flash tutorials here to screw up with your free time and to make you dream Flash even when you’ll think it’s gone. Some kind of good/bad dream

211. 30 Creative Twitter Theme Backgrounds

A list of Twitter profiles who have impressive creative backgrounds, which stand out above the rest.

212. 130 WordPress Plugins You Could Ever Need: The Best Of: Part 1

Huge list of plugins for every need, so You dont have to worry about searching plugins for some time. Every plugin is separated in categories so You can easily navigate, between them.

213. Top 5 Design Trends for T-Shirts

Top 5 design trends that are sure to give you a few extra votes in t-shirt competitions

214. The Freelancer Pricing Conundrum

Whether you’re looking to get into freelancing, or in the thick of it, there always exists the topic of rates a freelancer should charge for his/her work. How do you come up with a price for your work?

215. Freebies: Sketchy Doodles Photoshop Brush Pack

A free sketchy doodle photoshop brush pack from Arbenting with 25 high resolution brushes. Available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

216. Comic Sans Documentary

A short documentary about the font Comic Sans. Created for a video production course and inspired by the film “Helvetica” by Gary Hustwit.

217. 10 Free Social Icon Sets That You Probably Want To Collect

This is a collection of 10 free social bookmarking icon sets that every bloggers/designers may be interested.

218. Screenshots of the new Wordpress release, 2.7 beta 1

Wordpress has release the new version a couple day ago, Wordpress 2.7 beta 1. Wordpress has change a lot

219. Weekly 30 inspirational websites #15

Welcome back to our weekly CSS and Flash gallery that’s always ready to give you some of the best designs on the internet.

220. Ten Questions For Roger Byrne, The Man Behind The ‘’s!

Arbenting gets Roger Byrne of Styletime and Votetime to answer ten questions. It’s interview time.

221. Dotclear 2.1 & English website launched

Three months after the release of Dotclear 2.0, the blog engine makes another major step in its development with this 2.1.

222. CS3 Icons Pack Reloaded

Including 28 icons, three for each CS3 application (Application - File - Folder) and one empty folder.

223. 16 Useful Apps every Designer and Blogger Needs

A list of 16 useful, time saving, and must-have applications that will make designing, developing and blogging easier.


Having inspiring picture on Your desktop always help You to keep an interest and stay inspired. Enjoy this list so You change and switch wallpapers regularly!

225. Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #24

You may be tired, you may not have slept in a while but you gotta have time for some Adobe Photoshop tutorials and not any of them, some good quality ones.

226. 10 SEO Techniques All Top Web Sites Should Use

List of simple things you can do when building your site that will help increase your chances of having good results in the search engines.

227. Business card inspiration part 2 - 40 designs

40 awesome business card designs

228. Show me some well designed logos! #10

Believe it or not it’s the 10th week of this inspirational logo design gallery. The 20 logos for this week are here to please your eyes.

229. Designing Print Collateral For An Online Business

The challenge for those with a background in web business is to figure out how to create compelling, effective print design to advertise their online presence

230. Replace Your Default Gravatar With Some Meaningful Images

Do you know that you can replace the default Wordpress Gravatar with some interesting picture? Follow this tutorial and you will know.

231. Gorgeous Contemporary 3D Art!

It is an interesting collection of 3D images gathered all over the Internet. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it and find something new and exciting for you.

232. Inspiration in Green

The latest installment of Arbenting’s inspiration in color series. Inspiration in Green focuses on images of a green theme.

233. Freelance Bootcamp #4: How To Establish Your Freelance Business

Having trouble establishing yourself as an industry professional? Read ahead.

234. Rss Icon set with different shape

Free rss icon set with different shape

235. Inspiration: Evertt de Sousa - illustrator

You won’t find many information about Evertt on his site but you’ll find out what he does. And that is: extremely good vector graphics. You’ll see that he can also manage with some interface designs which have a good illustrator’s touch.

236. 30 Sources To Get Your Web Design Inspiration

If You are developing web designs, then You know there is times when You struggle without any ideas. That’s the time when these web sites becomes handy. I collected nice list with some of the most known web gallery sites showcasing and listing well design sites into different categories, letting You to promote and demote all designs. Every site is a little bit different, so make sure to check everyone of these and pick up Your most favorite ones. Hope this list will help to get Your inspiration back.

237. 40+ Logos Submitted By The Designers Themselves

Over the past week I had asked my fellow graphic designers if they’d be interested in submitting their favorite designed logos to be featured on TDC. Here’s what they had to offer.

238. $11,000 Prize Giveaway For Charity

There is a total of 66 different prizes worth exactly $11,000 all up so there will be 66 lucky winners.

239. Weekly Flash tutorial roundup #7

Well… they’re here. I know… I can’t believe it either but the weekly Adobe Flash tutorials are here, sneaking into your bookmarks and more important, into your memory.

240. Braintalk with Svein Haakon Lia from

The art director, senior designer and founding partner of Bleed designstudio is answering 15 Questions about his life and work.

241. 48 Snow, Ice, Snowflake and Christmas Brushes

There are pine, ice, snowflake, snow and many different Christmas related brushes for every taste in this list. Also these brushes are great inspiration to remind You the most popular Christmas symbols.

242. Why it’s good to work on your own side projects

Take inspiration from the likes of Carsonified and Contrast who have been known for their ‘drop everything else for a week’ approach to work on other projects

243. Design a Realistic Sandwich Bag in Photoshop

This tutorial covers the use of filters, brushes, the pen tool, masks, and maybe a couple other techniques; all in order to create a realistic sandwich bag from scratch.

244. Weekly 30 inspirational websites #16

30 inspirational web designs, some based on CSS and XHTML, others on Flash are in this article. As you probably know there are here every week some of the most brilliant designer’s portfolios as well as other web 2.0 sites full of vibrant colors.

245. Working with Layer Styles - understanding Bevel and Emboss

This versatile effect help create a feeling of depth by adding highlight and shadow to layer shapes. Depending on where these highlights and shadows are placed, a 3D effect can be quickly generated.

246. Gray is Great!

The collection of stylish gray web designs, both formal and not!

247. Great movie posters

A collection of fantastic film art

248. 35 Free Hi-Res Fire, Flame and Firework Textures

Free Hi-Res fire and flame texture pack (1600 x 1064)

249. The Twittering! A Closer Look at the Social Media Giant

An article that looks at Twitter and the applications and resources the community have built for this social media networking tool.

250. How To Create Your Permalink Structure More User And SEO-friendly

Every WordPress blog user should use and customize their permalink structure. What permalink means and stand for? Permalinks are the permanent URLs to Your individual blog posts, categories, archives and others.

251. Strategies for Choosing a Memorable Brand Name

Strategies, techniques and guidelines to help you and your clients generate a memorable, meaningful and unique brand name.

252. 3D RSS İcons

Here are a set of Glossy Vector 3d RSS icons for you to download. Ive made them in a range of colours from the standard orange to a retro hot pink. These are sure to brighten up any blog/website! They are in Ai format and easily resizable.

253. Inspiration: Jason Engle - digital artist - 43 of his creations

You’re probably wondering why there are 43 pieces of Jason Engle’s portfolio in here. Armed with Photoshop and a good set of skills he’s getting the most out of his drawings. In 10 years of activity he had clients like Sony Online Entertainment, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire: The masquerade and many others.

254. How To Stay Inspired And Refreshed As A Freelancer

Finding it hard to continuously produce creative and fresh work? Here are a few pointers to help you out.

255. Font Viewer it views fonts

In the simplest of terms this is a program that allows you to view large portions of your installed font families with their various styles.

256. Natural Talent vs. Hard Work

Does natural talent exist? If so, does it even matter? Thoughts from other designers are welcomed.

257. Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #25

In no. 25 of this section you’ll see some Photoshop illustration tutorials as well as some web design ones with some buttons and menus but also an icon design tutorial and more.

258. 20 Design Related Audio And Video Podcast Sites

It’s very important to keep up with forever-changing design community - this profession requires regular learning, if You don’t want to fall back. And that’s why I am presenting this list article.

259. Amazing Movie Matte Paintings from 5 Professional Artists!

This time we present the works of five professional matte painters who have the colossal experience in film industry. They are: Dylan Cole, Frederic St-Arnaud, Yanick Dusseault, David Luong and Chris Thunig.

260. Buying and Selling Blogs

Nathan Beck discusses some of the pros and cons of buying and selling blogs, whilst examining the blog buying market.

261. How To Get More Freelance Gigs Using Viral Marketing

A lot of startup freelancers ask me how to get more clients - it’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind. Here’s how.

262. Inspiration in Blue

The latest installment of Arbenting’s inspiration in color series. Inspiration in Blue focuses on images of a blue theme.

263. 20 Websites to Buy Graphic Design T-shirts

To showcase the creativity within us, graphic designers often like to dress the part.

264. List of 11 Websites to promote your Web Design Portfolio

It is very important to promote your work and you need to know where to showcase that. Listed below is a very useful websites to showcase your work so that people can notice you art work. Submit to these websites and you will gain so much exposure.

265. Best Photoshop tutorials of October on Design your way

A little bit late for this article but had to be here. It’s some kind of selection “best of the best” if you want. You’ll see in the following list articles that’ll teach you how to work your magic with Adobe Photoshop in illustrations, digital drawing, photomanipulation, typography and even on a blog design.

266. Does wordpress need a better comment system

The default comment system has a flaw, it does not encourage a new user to participate quickly and painlessly.IntenseDebate enhances and encourages conversations on your blog and build your reader community. This new service gets reviewed.

267. Design blogs with Flickr Groups

Come join and share your work with the rest of us.

268. Business card inspiration part 3 - 65 designs

Part 3 of the business cards roundup! 65 awesome designs

269. 40+ Beautiful Hand-Drawn Websites

Hand-drawing websites are very popular on today’s design. collects 40+ hand-drawn websites for your inspiration. Be inspired and enjoy!

270. Windable Mobile, Google Project 10^100

Google Project

271. 10 reasons ‘Top List’ posts are great to read and write

There are a lot of opinions whether ‘top list’ post are good or evil and even a top list with tips how to write good ‘top lists’ and other posts are claiming that this trend is dying.

Whatever the case, I love to write and read in this style. And here are my reasons why.

272. Wii Style Icons

Hi, here are the Wii-Style icons as promised ;) Its not complete, so expect a revision once completed - No ETA sorry. Included in the zip are all the icons as seen in the preview plus a couple of extras, and a dumbed down PSD (vectors and layers styles removed for now). Let me know if you use them for anything cool or particularly if you make some new icons from the PSD.

273. 2 Wordpress Plugins That Will Increase Feedburner Count

Comment Relish and FD Feedburner Plugin are 2 excellent plugins that will increase your Feedburner Feedcount.

274. Drawing Burning Candle

In this lesson I’ll tell in detail how to draw burning candle. The flame is in general complex enough theme, and there is a set of ways to draw it. I’ll show you one of them which I use

275. Making of Dolphins

In this tutorial, I will describe tips about how I made the Dolphins wallpaper.

276. Merry Christmas Tree

Learn how to create your own Christmas tree wallpaper with these tutorial

277. The effect of Tilt-shift camera lens

The next lesson is about how is it possible to get the effect of Tilt-shift camera lens to your photos

278. Freebies - Stone Textures Pack 1

A free set of 16 high resolution (2080×1544) stone textures from Arbenting. Available for both personal and commercial use.

279. 15 Awesome T-shirt Websites For Geeks

Selection of awesome T-shirt websites that tell others how cool (geeky) we are

280. 10 Blender 3D tutorials worth a look

Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. I have always wanted to learn a 3d program to extend my capabilities and a little 3D in our designs can take your designs to another level. There is no harm in learning something new so I will list a few good tutorials that I will use to learn my way through blender.

281. Typography resources for all things typographic

Here are a few resources I have bookmarked along the way that relate to inspirational galleries, fonts, tips and other type resources.

282. Red themed CSS and Flash design gallery - Part 1

I’ve decided to make the web design showcase themed as it is more easy to find what you are looking for. You will be surprised but there aren’t many quality red CSS and Flash sites. But don’t worry. I’ve gathered in this showcase article 22 of the best, and 23 more are waiting for the release of Part 2 so they can show off their red design.

283. 8 Wrinkled Paper Textures | Texturise

8 assorted wrinkled paper textures scanned at 300 DPI.

284. 45 Vintage 'Space Age' Illustrations

An inspiring collection of 45 vintage illustrations of a space age tomorrow!

285. Bible Design

Illuminated Manuscripts to Postmodern Power Plays

286. Web Designs with Coffee Aroma

The stimulating collection of Top Coffee Brands websites!

287. Marta Dahlig - digital painter

Marta Dahlig is one of the most known deviants on with nearly 4 milion views on her profile and who knows how many on all her deviations. She is known for her 7 deadly sins drawings of women.

288. 3 Methods To Exclude Wordpress Categories In A Post

Although there are a lot of methods to exclude categories on your articles or sidebar. But i am going to show you 3 methods which commonly use by people.

289. Six Thinking Hats

Applying the Six Thinking Hats method can greatly improve our web design process.

290. 70 Impressive Painting Artworks - Winter Inspiration

Where do mixed media artists find inspiration in the winter? We have hand-picked an incredible amount of amazing painting artworks from deviantart to inspire any artist

291. 3D text effect - 2009

In this tutorial you’ll gonna learn how to create a Colorful 3D Text effect in Photoshop CS3

292. 32 Invaluable Sites for Web Design Inspiration

Inspiration site are always a great resource of web designers to get their next design inspiration for their projects.

293. Free Magento Themes for Your Web Store!

This is a collection of free Magento themes created by different web professionals.

294. Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #26

Welcome (once more) in my Adobe Photoshop tutorial garden where you can learn various PS techniques which will improve your designer skills and make your level go from beginner to advanced.

295. 40+ CSS Generators

A collection of the best online CSS generators.

296. Best of Brochure Design

Need to get inspired? Chec out these cool brochures.

297. FlashEff Premium Unlimited License Giveaway

Comment and win a FlashEff Premium Unlimited License worth 149$.

298. Illustration Artists Showcase and Inspiration - Part 2

A mixed collection of talented illustration artists some using 3D programs, oil paints, Illustrator and Photoshop to produce there creations

299. 16 tips to improve as a graphic designer

Tips, exercises and practices that have help me continue learning, strengthen creativity and become an all around better designer.

300. Drawing Water Lily in Photoshop

In this lesson I will describe the process of creation of water-lily

301. The Art of Postage Stamps Design

The collection of amazing postage stamps from different years all over the world!

302. Daniel Conway - digital painter

Daniel Conway is a digital painter which received his the deviousness award on DeviantArt for his work. His digital paintings are made with style and talent and, very important, they’re here for you.

303. Inspiration in Purple

The latest installment of Arbenting’s inspiration in color series. Inspiration in Purple focuses on images of a purple theme.

304. 10 of the best logo tutorials on the web

10 of the best logo tutorials on the web.From beginnig till the end

305. Jungle Scripts

Social Bookmarking 101

306. Create A Latest Post Section At The Beginning Of Each Post

Wonder how to create a link that always point to your latest post? Read this post and you will get it done without any plugin.

307. 51 Dark fantasy girls - Photoshop manipulation

Dark Photoshop manipulations are a trend these days. This is the reason why I made this dark gallery with 51 pics of fantasy girls. Black, dark, gothic, morbid call it however you want.

308. 10 Amazing Computer Artists

A roundup of some of the best computer artists around. Some big names and some names you might not have heard of before.

309. Inspiration: 13 Stunning Art Design

I would like to share with you the 13 Stunning design from, these are really awesome works that makes your inspiration burning. Check them out.

310. Dobak Zsolt - digital artist

After Daniel Conway, Marta Dahlig, Kerem Beyit and Jason Engle it’s time for Dobák Zsolt to enter the digital art inspiration gallery from Design your way. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about Dobak because his personal site is down for the moment. What I can do is let this hungarian guy leave it’s creations speak for themselves.

311. 11 Useful Sources To Learn and Improve HTML Skills

I listed few resources, I prefer to learn from and hopefully You’ll learn something too. This article isn’t very long, because I think You should choose just one place, where to learn from.

312. 15 Graphic Design Podcasts you should check out

15 design-related podcasts categorized by freelancing, graphic design, web design, tutorials and more that you should check out.

313. Creative christmas wallpaper

Christmas themed wallpaper from scratch. A Well explained & Easy to follow Tutorial!

314. Use Photoshop’s filters to make simple illustrations – understanding Cutout Filter

Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating illustrations, here I will show you how using the Cutout filter to make simple illustrations from your photos

315. Homage to Japanese Typography - Signs & Signage

Type is everywhere in Japan, and with four alphabets, it creates an incredibly rich typographic landscape, which this post series tries to depict.

316. +25 Awesome “404 Error” Pages

404 Error pages shouldn’t be dull, this post proves. This is a showcase of very clever and delicious 404 Error pages. Enjoy!

317. +15 Free Handpicked Wood Textures

Small collection of 15 great free wood textures. All of these are handpicked by myself. Please read the author’s terms. Enjoy!

318. Collection of 15 Deviant Art Web Interface Design

Collections of 15 most elegant Web Interface Design from Deviantart. All listed web interface are very gorgeous came from very talented website designers.

319. 10 Web App Tips From 8 Inspirational Speakers

10 key web app tips from the speakers at FOWA London

320. Photoshop Actions - Creating Folder Structures for Web Designs - Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to create photoshop actions and more specifically how to create an action to create a folder structure for your web design layouts

321. Logo Design process unveiled

Last week I introduced the Design Cubicle’s new logo and this week I would like to share my creative process with all of you.

322. Top Ten Free Business Apps for the iPhone

Apple’s device is already a great productivity tool, but there are also some great 3rd party apps that can really help you and your business succeed.

323. 20 Gorgeous Corporate Designs from DeviantArt

Here again guys 20 Gorgeous Corporate Designs that may inspire you and gives you more knowledge and idea in designing corporate type.

324. What Does True Freelancing Cost? Pt. 1

Arbenting’s first part of their look at the costs of being a freelancer.

325. Managing Brand Consistency

Nathan Beck looks at how to manage and strengthen your branding across different medium while maintaining consistency and recognition.

326. 25+ Beautiful Christmas Icon Sets

Christmas is coming and we would like to present especially for you 25+ Beautiful Christmas Icon Sets which you can use for your web site or your desktop.

327. List of 10 Beautiful and Awesome Designs from Flickr

Most popular best online photo management and sharing application in the world is Flickr and now we are proud to introduce you our 10 collection.

328. Show me some well designed logos! #12

Logo design is commonly believed to be one of the most important areas in graphic design, thus making it the most difficult to perfect. The logo, or brand, is not just an image, it is the embodiment of an organization.


A great list of free Christmas icons compiled by FreshFreeStuff.Net

330. 25 Winter, Snow And Christmas Related High Resolution Wallpapers

I created one more wallpaper related article, but this time totally related to this time feeling, sense and let’s be honest - everybody love Christmas, snow and winter!

331. 3 Wordpress Themes That Mimics Coda Site Functionality

WP Coda, Coda Blue, and WP Coda Orange are 3 themes which mimic the Coda site functionality. They are perfect themes for both portfolio site and basic business website.

332. Winter Flowers

Winter, a time to rest in quiet beauty. Beautiful collection of fractal arts to help you with the winter season. Enjoy the Magic of Winter Flowers!

333. The Benefits of Blogging as a Graphic Designer

In this article 6 talented, successful and some of my favorite bloggers/designers offer excellent insight how blogging personally and professionally benefits their design careers.

334. 6 Free High Quality Textures

Textures is very popular on today’s web design specially for big backgrounds. So here’s the 6 high quality textures free for download.

335. David Waters - photo manipulator

David Waters is a student at Graphic Design with the University of Idaho and he’s providing today’s inspiration with his photomanips, print creations and a website design that has a touch of creativity.

336. Arbenting’s Best of the Week (11/23 - 11/29)

Arbenting’s best of the design web for the week of November 23 - November 29, 2008

337. Best Annual Report Designs & Layouts

Let yourself be wowed by these amazing Annual Report Designs.

338. Best of CSS Design November, 2008

CSSBuilt choose 10 sites as best of CSS design as of November in no particular order. Enjoy!

339. 40 Creative Christmas Wallpapers

As the Christmas approaches, it’s time to get a new look to your desktop. In this post we present 40 Creative Christmas Wallpapers to decorate your desktop in a personal and special way. Happy Christmas to you!!!

340. Green themed CSS and Flash design gallery - Part 1

The color green is predominant in the sites of our days, either being represented by leaves, landscapes or by not very ordinary characters. Among the CSS and Flash sites found in this article as well as in part 2 or part 3 you will find some that were simply touched by their designer’s creativity and which pushed them to true web art and also sites which impress with their usability.

341. Top 10 Tips to Get Exposure on Design Blogs

Whether you are a freelancer or you work for a design agency, getting your name spread in the design community should be a top priority

342. Did someone beat Google at design

Google has an excellent philosophy, they keep it simple. I use Google everyday and love minimal design more than anyone else, but when a company as large as Google stops enhancing their designs, we have a problem.

343. MyInkTrail: Best of the Web, November 2008

The design community impresses again this month with quality articles, tutorials, freebies and some new sites I’ve stumbled on.

344. 30 List of Stunning Christmas Wallpapers

Christmas is now coming and its time to change your desktop wallpaper, with this list of wallpapers you can choose any of the 30 Gorgeous Christmas Wallpapers in no particular order.

345. Valid (X)HTML - Is it important?

Even the biggest websites (including Google) don’t validate. Does your site validate and does it matter?

346. Design Interprets. Design Speaks. Design Matters.

This concept of design as interpretation has deep implications for designers.

347. Jacek Yerka - painter

Jacek Yerka is a Polish surreal artist and painter from Toruń. Yerka studied art for a short time at University, but then learnt from direct study of Northern European masters, the Van Eycks, Dierck Bouts, Robert Campin, Bosch, and surrealists such as Magritte.

348. Christmas ornaments lights balls

In this tutorial we will learn how to design red with lights Christmas balls wallpaper

349. 29 Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers

29 beautiful Christmas wallpaper for you guys, as we all know Christmas is near. So check this out!

350. Improve your css skill, right now!

Some tips to make you design css better

351. How To Delete Wordpress Post Revisions

Although Wordpress post revisions let us easily restore previous version of any posts, but it may cause Wordpress to consume more resources when querying the database. Here, i will show you how to delete stored post revisions in your Wordpress.

352. Interesting stamp collections

This time I went for interesting stamps. I don’t mean specifically rare or old stamps, just graphically interesting stamps.

353. Green themed CSS and Flash design gallery - Part 2

Enironmental, natural, organic, earthy, trust, jealousy. That’s what green is expressing. As I said I’m going to continue the green CSS and Flash gallery articles with part 2. Don’t forget to see part 1 as well.

354. 20 Awesome Digital Art Showcase

20 List of Awesome Digital Art from DeviantArt, this list is based on Digital Art Category in DeviantArt and all in this list are awesome.

355. Beautiful and inspiring Designers Quotes

A compilation of famous designers quotes, join and share your favourite design quote.

356. A collection of WordPress magazine themes

We really like the idea of creating a magazine style website and using the wordpress admin as a CMS. we collected for you the best sources, posts and links from around the wordpressphere (?) about the issue. hope you will find it useful.

357. Web Design Trends: Sunbursts and Sun Rays

Looking at how to create your own sunbursts and showcasing 15 beautiful websites that include the sunburst effect in some shape or form.

358. 30 Gorgeous Advertising Designs

In past years, advertising has become a revenue source and more popular for many websites.

359. HDR Tutorials, Resources and Inspiration

The best collection of HDR tutorials, resources and inspiration on the web.

360. Using Development Concepts in Design

Applying what I learned in development to my design work.

361. Top Wordpress Video Plugins Available

here is a list of the top wordpress video plugins available

362. FREE Illustration: Funny Christmas Characters :)

This time you can’t pass by these cute Christmas characters. Free download!

363. Jeffrey Zeldman: Inventing Something New on the Planet

One of the world’s first and most famous web designers, bloggers, independent publishers, and web design teachers, Jeffrey Zeldman speaks on his work in web design, what drives him to go on, and how he goes about his day, makes predictions for the future of web design and give advice for beginners.

364. Free Christmas Vectors | CrazyLeaf Design Blog

Free Christmas Vectors for download. A collection of free Christmas Vectors.

365. Logo Identity Inspiration from LogoPond : Best of 25 Logos

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect.

366. Creative Fliers Inspiration: Reggae

The reggae genre provides some awesome inspiration. I love the mix of urban and grunge. Check it out; be inspired!

367. 6 Alternative Work Spaces

Here are 6 work spaces to explore for getting out of the house

368. Readers of Tech Blogs are Better Citizens

Here’s two reasons why readers of tech blogs are better citizens.

369. A Collection of Cool Papervision3D Tutorials

Get to experiment with some ‘real’ 3D!

370. Get more traffic with good web design

While designing We Are not Freelancers we had one goal in mind. Our goal was to get featured on as many web galleries as possible.

371. 10 Useful Tips for a logo design that works

Designing logos is just like any other type of design work, to be professional you ’ll need to pay attention to details. Even a great idea can be ruined by not thinking about simple things, the following tips will help you to keep your concepts safe.

372. 20 Stunning Art Design

20 Really Stunning Art Design. Enjoy and be inspired of these works.

373. 120 Excellent Examples of CSS Horizantal Menu

In this post you will find 120 excellent examples of css horizantal menu.

374. Create interactive PDF forms that impress your clients!

Tutorial on how to create your own interactive PDF that clients can fill out, edit and submit an email back to you.

375. Web Design Trends: Call To Action Buttons

How to design the perfect ‘call to action’ button and 30 examples of good call to action button designs

376. Creative Fliers Inspiration: Techno/House

The techno/house genre has some awesome flier inspiration. Check out this awesome roundup and be inspired for your next project.

377. CSS Only Image Roll Over Navigation With Drop-downs

A single image navigation rollover tutorial with drop-downs using nothing but CSS that works in all necessary browsers.

378. A Collection of Regular Expressions Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Guides

Take advantage of this collection of regular expressions cheat sheets and quick reference guide.

379. Most beautiful websites of 2008 | CrazyLeaf Design Blog

50 most beautiful CSS and Flash websites of 2008

380. Top Examples Of Wordpress As A CMS (not the trendy magazine use)

One of the great options in wordpress is enabling other page to be the default page not just the regular posts page. and the best use for it is creating websites the CMS way and not the blog way. here are some veryy nice examples:

381. 33 Fractal Arts

I would like to share with you the 33 Stunning Fractal Arts for your inspiration.

382. Free Christmas icons, fonts, web templates, banners and Photoshop brushes

Free Christmas web design elements for Christmas web design and Christmas website redesign.

383. Alen Grakalic: Giving Promotion Opportunity through Writing, Blogging, Coding

Css Globe founder interview

384. Why EXACTLY Designers Hate Comic Sans!

While the though of her liking it made it hard to swallow, the question posed a serious thought for me — What exactly do I dislike about Comic Sans?

385. Pragmatic Design is Out

WARNING! Pragmatic Designers Keep to the Shallow End

386. Design, branding & Visual communication? Identity2.0

Dutch design firm published a book with philosophy behind their work.

387. HUGO Create: Past, Present and Future

Participate in round 7 of the HUGO Create challenge and win some amazing prizes.

388. 7 solid link building strategies for your design blog

One good way to get more traffic and improve your SEO is to get backlinks. For that, tons of strategies exist, but some are more appropriate to the design niche than others.

389. 20 Beautiful Christmas Icons

If you are a blogger or web master, you may decorate your web as well. So you should check out these below icons, and be waiting for next useful stuffs.

390. Nice Vietnamese Websites

Here is the 5 Vietnamese website come with clean design and layout, bright colors which I’ve collected

391. 9 Essential Elements a Designer's Website Should Have

9 essential elements that your design company website should have in order to increase your rate of being contacted, meet your visitors needs/desires, gain trust in a “faceless” internet and grow your business online.

392. Creative Fliers Inspiration: Miscellaneous

This is the final post of a 5 part series showcasing creative fliers by genre. In this post you will find fantastic examples of style, color and typography.

393. Best Digital Graphics Tablets for Designers

Do you realize how far digital graphics tablets have come in the last few years? Find out about the amazing new features that digital graphics tablets offer now and which ones I suggest for professional designers.

394. 41 Stunning 3D Arts

I think most of us loves 3-Dimensional Arts, So here they are 41 Stunning 3D Arts. You must check them out!

395. 30 Creative and Professional Portfolio Inspiration

Here is a showcase and list of thirty beautiful, creative and professional portfolio sites, design agencies that have a creative touch.

396. Amazing Christmas Illustration FREE of charge!

Download now of the best illustrations from’s Christmas clip art collection!

397. Marketing Calendar for Beginner Freelance Designers

a week by week calendar for beginning freelance graphic designers on how to market themselves.

399. Academy Student Photoshop Works: Poster, Journal and Logotype

Small collection with academy comrade works and short description about what we are doing and more.

400. 45 Beautiful Website with Sunlight design

Today we will showcase you the list of 45 Website with Sunlight Design that has Beautiful look.

401. 28 Everlasting photoshop tutorials

I choose these few brilliant tutorals as they teach you how to accomplish different techniques and styles with ease. These are the tutorials which helped me become a photoshop ninga, HeeeYa!.

402. Vilmar Fernandez - graphic designer

Vilmar Fernandez is an Art Director currently working and Flash designer founder/owner of Postpixel, being focused on interactive projects for both design and advertising markets. He’s worked for a lot of clients from countries like Brazil, USA and Portugal. He has an interesting Flash site. Be sure to check the scroll button and the way it sparkles.

403. 50 Brilliant Design Articles of 2008 in 23 Categories + 40 Reader Submitted Posts

50 insightful graphic & web design related post of 2008 organized into 23 well organized categories + reader submitted articles of 2008

404. Freebies : Grunge Textures Pack 1

A pack of 20 high resolution grunge textures free for personal and commercial use

405. The Best Tutorials of 2008

The absolute best tutorials from 2008, based on skills taught, information presented, and final outcome.

406. 19 Exciting Examples of Green Design and Architecture

Everything from architecture to people’s bodies and computers are being covered with greenery. (Seems like it would be itchy, no?)

407. 2009 Marketing Calendar for Experienced Freelance Designers

a week by week calendar for ESTABLISHED freelance designers that focuses on building upon your already Established design business

408. Double Body Background CSS Trick

So, you just created this awesome fancy background for a website. The top part of the background is large and in charge, while everything below it is going to be a repeating background that goes all the way down to the bottom of the page and helps define your website’s borders. This is a tutorial on accomplishing that without creating any scrolling

409. 33 Mindblowing Web Design Interface from DeviantArt

List of 33 Mind Blowing Web Design Interface from Deviantart. All listed web interface are very gorgeous came from very talented website and graphic designers.

410. Freebies : Barcodes Vector Pack

Dead Wings Designs first freebie. A pack of 10 vector barcodes for free commercial and personal use.

411. What does your website say?

Tips on what you can do to keep your visitors interested

412. Resources Every WordPress Theme Developer Should Know About!

Arbenting compiles a resource list for WordPress theme developers.

413. Design Feeds

A collection of design related articles, resources, comments and inspiration.

414. Conquer Creative Blocks with Lists + More

15 techniques that will help you conquer your next creative block, while opening your eyes to new creative methods and inspiration.

415. The Woork Handbook

Antonio Lupetti of Woork has released a free eBook that contains articles with code sections, images, illustrations and links to original contents on woork!

416. 20 Free Amazing Premium Wordpress Themes

Showcase of 20 Amazing Free Premium WordPress Themes for Instant Download in no particular order.

417. 10 Inspiring sites to gain Photoshop inspiration

It’s time to get creative

418. The Best CSS Design of 2008

A compilation of 80+ really awesome and beautiful CSS design websites of 2008.

419. Abstract Collections : Inspiration #3

Collection of 15 Abstract Designs and Photograph from Graphic Designers and Photographer in no particular order.

420. FREE Illustration: Man on a snowboard! :)

Don’t miss your chance to download this professional vector illustration free of charge! :)

421. Web Design Trends: Cityscapes, Landscapes and Seascapes

Check out this showcas for inspiration from the best.

422. List Of 17 Quality Free Fonts For You

Typography is everywhere.

423. Kallista - quality free Wordpress Theme

A minimalistic wordpress theme, Kallista features Gravatar support, microformats, widgets and great typography. Content focused, an excellent theme for any blog.

424. Technique for creating a hand drawn website style

David gives you a quick lesson on how to create a hand drawn website design using the don’t lift the pencil technique.

425. Fixing a Bad Feedburner Subscriber Count

Feedburner is a great service, but sometimes it drops the ball. Here’s a way to account for that on your website.

426. Free Circular RSS Icons

This is our second icon set named Circular RSS Icons which includes 54-px transparent PNG files in 12 different colours. You are allowed to use Circular RSS icon set for commercial or non-comercial projects.

427. 30 inspiring logos

Some great examples of successful logo designs.

428. Design Shards Flickr group Showcase #1

The first showcase from the design shard flickr group

429. Do Design Agency Logo's Lack Creativity?

A discussion whether or not some of the most respected design studios around the world logo’s are lacking creativity. What’s your thoughts?

430. The T-shirt Designer's Toolbox

A resource post for all things t-shirt design related.

431. CSS tips that every beginning developer should know about

A compilation of tips, CSS code element terminology, and CSS related websites.

432. 50 Awesome Website Design Online

Showcase of 50 awesome website design in the internet in no particular order.

433. How to correct an Overexposed Photo in Photoshop?

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to get lots of details back in a photo or image if it’s overexposed.

434. List Of 17 Quality Free Fonts For Designers

Typography is everywhere. In your lunchbox. On your beer. Printed over that geeky tshirt.

435. 12 Really Handy Webdesign Template, Snippet Sites

If You are creating and developing new web-sites regularly, You should think about template creation, collecting useful code snippets and things like that. Here You have a few starting points!

436. 12 Common Photoshop Mistakes, Misuses and Abuses

A list of 12 common mistakes, misuses and various ways new users abuse Photoshop.

437. 56 websites with awesome footers

Just a few years ago, footers were used for the copyright notice and secondary navigation. However, a new trend has emerged and nowadays footers also include such information as site statistics, contact details, short author descriptions, recomended links,recomended content, search box, social media buttons etc.

438. Useful Free Applications For Any Web Dev / Designer

A collection of some free applications that are very useful for any web developer or designer. The article goes into detail on specific uses that can be gotten out of each program.

439. 60+ Vintage, Retro, and Pop Art Styled Photoshop Tutorials

60 Adobe Photoshop tutorials that will teach you how to make retro, vintage, and pop-art styled layouts.

440. Interview with Jonathan Snook, CSS Extraordinaire

Interview with Jonathan Snook, the master of CSS and web design. Co-Author of two books, sheds light on upcoming projects and shares insightful tips into his past work.

441. 10 Ways How To Track Site Traffic, Popularity, Statistics

Check out these sites to help You know better Your competitors, get site statistics,rankings and compare them.

442. Freebies: Panel Button RSS Icons

This pack includes 16 RSS icons in four different sizes. Free for both your personal and commercial projects.

443. 23 Great Apparel Related Design Articles

This post was put together with a bookmark in mind. 23 of the best apparel related design articles so you can find everything in one place.

444. Free Templates Zone - Free Joomla Templates Web Templates, Wp Themes, Blogger Templates

Free Templates Zone is a free templates gallery which showcase the best quality free templates of css,joomla, drupal,wordpress and blogger templates through out the web.

445. FREE Illustration: Rabbit on a skateboard! :)

This fantastic sunny illustration will surely liven up your web project, blog, etc. Download it for free this week!:)

446. Websites that belong to famous web designers

Browse personal websites of talented web designers and get inspired. See what designers choose for their own websites.

447. 10 Amazing Free Stock Photography Sites

This is a list of 10 amazing free stock photography sites. If you need a stock image, be sure to check out these galleries.

448. The Color Conundrum : Graphic Design Color Profiling

Dead Wings discusses the different color profiles used in graphic design.

449. Cheer up! Amusing Cartoon Characters!

Collection of amusing and funny cartoon character illustrations. Rock with laughter and get radiant with joy and health!

450. 67 twitter applications, tools, backgrounds and resources

In this list you will find 67 useful twitter applications, tools, backgrounds and resources.

451. Wordpress Mu Plugins - Where Can I Find Them?

there are a fewer places where you can find plugins for WPMU. here’s a list of the better places to find them.

452. Why Change Is Good: TDC Website Gets Makeover

In an effort to improve TDC’s functionality, I’ve made some visual changes and additions that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now. It’s amazing what a few changes can do for a website.

453. 45+ Free Design Template And PSD Files

Here is useful graphic design files like business card, credit card, icon, document, sticky note, dvd cover, cd cover templates and more for better designing.

454. 20 Great Corporate Graphic Design Examples

Here’s 20 refreshing corporate graphic design creations for branding and identity development. These designs are upbeat and perfect for establishing a standout corporate identity. You can use them for work inspiration or maybe this list will help you re-think your own personal branding.

455. Understanding the Value of Design

Do your prospects / clients see the added value of effective, relevant design verses design lacking personalization?

456. The Most Fancy 3D Concept Motorbikes

Collection of the most fancy and impressive motorbikes concepts and designs modeled by different designers and engineers.

457. 19 Free Hi-Res Burnt Paper Textures

High resolution 1600 x 1135px a good size to play with and add to your designs

458. What Design IS...

What’s your definition of design?

459. Wednesday Web of Inspiration: Henrik Moses

An inspirational showcase of pencil artist Henrik Moses

460. FWA Site of the Year 2008

The Favourite Website Awards has announced the winners for their Site of the Year 2008 and People’s Choice Award 2008 today.

461. 16 Free CSS Templates from Styleshout

Styleshout allow us to showcase some of his 16 free CSS Templates which offers a collection of quality free CSS-based website templates and a list of useful resources which will help you learn CSS and improve your web design skills.

462. 6 Non-Design Blogs You Should Follow

This is a list of 6 non-graphic design blogs that you should follow, in order to increase your knowledge and success as a graphic designer.

463. The True Benefits of Freelancing Pt.1

The first post in a follow up series to Arbenting’s Freelance Cost trilogy. This time it’s a look at the benefits of being a freelancer.

464. 30 Must-Have Logo Books

A great compilation of logo books. This post features some of the bestselling and upcoming logo books in the market.

465. The Real Problem With Design Contests

This is in defense of the designers who would rather not be entry 134 of 400.

466. PSDVault 20 Impressive Photoshop Tutorials

PSDVault one of the best Photoshop Inspirations, Tutorials and Resources on the web allow us to showcase some of his Photoshop tutorials.

467. 45 Sites, Free Icons And PSD Resources For Web-Design

Useful Sites and Resource Collection for every web designer for daily use in creative development projects.


URL shortening - giving back

469. What Should You Get From Your Logo Designer

Below is a list of deliverables you should be giving your clients and what clients should be getting from their logo designer.

470. The Ultimate Adobe InDesign Toolbox

An ultimate collection of resources for Adobe InDesign

471. February 2009 Calendar Wallpaper

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14. When I think of February - love, heart, images of happiness come to my mind. This happiness is the one that I wanted to express in the calendar

472. Create A Photoshop Action For Screenshots

In the design world laziness can equal productiveness. Learn how to create a Photoshop action to do the dirty work of repetitive steps.

473. Making the ‘Clean Grunge’ Blog Design

This tutorial will cover the steps of designing the Clean Grunge blog design from scratch. It also discusses the techniques and styles of this kind of web design.

474. Modern Flash CMS Issues

The article touches upon the problems of modern Flash CMS. Short analysis of the main Flash CMS providers and their products.

475. Free Illustration of a girl in the city!

You can download Free Illustration of a beautiful girl in the winter city.

476. Tips & tools to improve your conceptual web design

A collection of tips, tricks, and tools to expand the capabilities of your web designs beyond system fonts, and grid layouts.

477. 46 Sites To Get Inspired And Familiar With Hand Drawing Style

Get familiar with one of the most popular and unique web design trend - hand drawing style through many examples. Also great way to get inspired!

478. Amazing Ornamental Design Inspiration - Baroque Style

A collection of baroque style (ornamental) design

479. Kubota Workflow For Lightroom 2

Kubota’s Lightroom 2 presets and workflow guide reviewed in full

480. All the Business Card Inspiration You Will Ever Need

Below is a list of 30 business card inspirational websites, galleries and resources that will fulfill your every business card desire and provide inspiration for your next business card design project.

481. Best Free Font Sites

There are many free font sites, but which are the best? This is a list of the top free fonts sites.

482. Simply Javascript Review

Review of the Sitepoint book Simply Javascript, authors Kevin Yank and Cameron Adams endeavored to set their book apart from the myriad other publications on the topic with comedy, solid lessons with real-life applications, and just a dash of brashness

483. 20 Grunge Website Design : Inspiration #1

Stylish website design trend that gives web designs a less uniform and more beautiful look.

484. Freebie: Printable Perpetual Calendar

Free printable perpetual wall calendar filled with awesome design and fun quotes.

485. 100+ Free Marketing & Self Promotion Ideas for Freelance Web Designers

More than a 100 ideas to promote your web design services for free (or almost free).

486. Find out the January 25-Line ActionScript Contest Winner!

The idea of the contest is rather simple: the entrants must create whatever they want in 25 lines of code. View the result!

487. A Beginners Guide to Photo-Manipulation and Ani-Morphing

This tutorial gives you an introduction to photo manipulation and ani-morphing.

488. RocknRolla style twitter icon tutorial

You can choose one of free twitter icons for your site or you can make your own. If you are looking for some inspiration how to create custom twitter icon, read more!

489. Useful tips to design horizontal website layout

Some useful tips to design horizontal website layout using CSS and HTML code

490. 70 Hand Drawing Style Resources, Brushes, Textures,Icons And Tutorials

Massive hand-drawn style related resource roundup to give You opportunity to create really unique web site design and really stand out of crowd.

491. Frame Your Images With These Free, Beautiful Photoshop Brushes

Turn your images into original and impressive creations by using borders and frames. And, if you’re an avid Photoshop user, then customizing a border effect for your favorite photos is a lot easier–through Photoshop brushes. There are actually a lot of photoshop brushes specifically intended for making borders and frames effect that you can download for free.

492. Apple and Adobe Cooperating on Flash Player for iPhone

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen announced last week that Adobe and Apple are working together on bringing Flash to the iPhone.


You are welcome to take part in the Wallpapers Contest devoted to St.Valentine’s day! LOVE will save the world!

494. Steven Stahlberg - digital artist

Steven Stahlberg is a 47 year old Australian and a freelancing illustrator. He’s doing some amazing 2d works as well as 3d ones. From the list below, I dare you to guess which ones are 3d. Their quality is impressive and one of the babes was actually candidate for “The sexiest video game babe” contest launched by Playboy.

495. Getting giddy with Gomedias hand drawn wings

See what i used gomedias new hand drawn wings vector set for and grab your own.

496. Photo-Manipulation: Lonely Fairy

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of blending various photos into one, realistic magical piece. You’ll work with blending modes, lighting and color adjustments and compositional planning.

497. Saul Bass: Jack of All Trades

A showcase of poster designs, logos designs and credit sequences from the master: Saul Bass

498. New Plugins For Discussion And Commenting In Wordpress

Many great new options comes with the new 2.7 version of wordpress. One of the great new features is the “reply to” comment option.

499. Free Valentine’s Day Illustration

Download Free Valentine’s Day Illustration and decorate your site or web blog for the most romantic holiday of the year.

500. Intro to Web Design (Part 2)

Building Content Layer with HTML

501. 50+ Most Useful Valentine's Day Designer Resources

A list of Valentine’s Day Designer Resources where you’ll find Valentine’s Day brushes, fonts, icons, illustrations and vector graphics, tutorials, wallpapers, and contests! Happy Valentine’s Day!

502. What Makes a Quality Font

Since thousands of varied quality fonts readily available for download from free font sites, it’s important to be able to spot and understand the difference between a ‘professional quality’ font and those of ‘lower grade’ and less quality.

503. 20 Useful (and Free) Dingbats You Should Have in Your Arsenal

Dingbats offer a partially formed template that users can experiment with. Most of us use dingbats for creating logos, texture backgrounds, or for illustrations that require very large elements.In this post, you will find a list of 20 very useful and very well-crafted dingbats chosen based on their usefulness and beauty.

504. Interview with Adelle Charles of Fuel You Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity with an inspiring and useful read!

505. Best Wordpress Plugins Roundup

While working with Wordpress to impliment our site, we came across many plugins that we recommend checking out if you are using Wordpress for a Blog or for a CMS (Content Managmenet System). And here is one rule to always practice - backup, backup, backup. Have fun blogging.

506. Create a Sleek Pressed Letter Design

This tutorial will layout the steps to design pressed lettering on a sleek abstract space background.

507. 30 Deviant Digital Artists, Painters, Illustrators Worth To Watch

DeviantArt is the best place where to get inspired. Keep following these article series to get inspiration come to You!

508. Why and How to Use Lightroom to Manage and Edit RAW Images

The advantages that RAW capture offers will be useless if you don’t have a program that allows you to quickly preview, organize, edit and convert your photographs so you could share them through email or upload it to your online album or blog quickly. Using this kind of program will also save you plenty of precious time that you could use shooting instead.So if you are pressed for time but still want to enjoy the benefits of shooting RAW images, then you should consider using Photoshop Lightroom.

509. 20 Romantic Fonts for Valentine's Day

5 Days to Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for some romantic fonts to romantically improve your design..browse through our 20 recommendation of romantic fonts that will sure melt the lovers heart.

510. Design a Sleek Valentine’s Day Card

This tutorial teaches you how to design a sleek looking Valentine’s day card. You will utilize layer masking, blending, and various overlay effects

511. Eco-architecture gets high

Wild mountain Eco-architecture in Switzerland, of course.Wild mountain Eco-architecture in Switzerland, of course.

512. 20 More free PSD templates to use and learn from

One of the best way to improve one’s Photoshop skills is by examining the source files or the Photoshop files made by experts in Photoshop. Just by looking at the layers of a raw Photoshop file, we are able to know the steps taken by the author to come up with a particular effect.In this roundup, I am going to list some amazing and very useful Photoshop templates that you can download for free. Be very creative and try to come up with your own version of these templates.

513. Web Design Trends: Stars and Aurora Effect

Arguably this trend was made popular after the release of Apple Leopard OSX and it’s groovy auroral/starry branding. Check out this list of 20 websites using these effects plus a few helpful tutorials.

514. Free and Funny Valentine’s Day Illustrations

By using these Funny Valentine’s Day Illustrations you can decorate your website or web blog. They are free of charge!

515. 35 Free Dark Backgrounds for Designers

In modern web designs large scaled background is being used and makes website look pretty and nice.

516. Weekly Web of Inspiration: Amazing 3D Illustrations

In this installment of the Weekly Web of Inspiration, Arbenting showcases Amazing 3D Illustrations.

517. 14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration

In this article, we list several great applications for project and time management as well as collaboration between you and your clients. There are free and commercial options available.

518. 5 Things Every Freelance Designer Should Do

This post covers 5 things that every designer should do in order to increase their productivity and clients.

519. Best iPhone Valentine's Day related Apps

Valentines day is just around the corner and geeks like us are mostly clueless about the gifts and about the whole thing generally.

520. Wordpress Mu Themes - Where Can I Find Them?

the best websites and places to get themes to work with on Wordpres Mu.

521. Provocative street art in label design

Street art uses material that’s frequently off limits in commercial design - or is it?

522. Marcela Bolivar (graydecay) - photomanipulator

Marcela Bolivar is an excellent photomanipulator and dark artist from Columbia. In the gallery you’ll find a lot of surreal creations filled with symbolism and mistery.

523. The Most Addictive Flash Games

The most addictive and well-polished online Flash games that impress not only with original ideas but technical execution.

524. Great Christian Website Designs

The Church is catching up on web trends and designs. We are happy to see that many Christians are putting a lot of thought into their design concepts and at the same time focusing on the user. Some of the latest trends we see are, the use of graphic designers to brand the look and feel of the website and the use of CMS (Content Management Systems) like Wordpress to bring better interactive features and ease of management.

525. iColorPicker - The Easiest jQuery Color Picker Ever!

iColorPicker is free, small (6kB), jQuery Color Picker. It converts each input field which class name is “iColorPicker” to beautiful color picker.

526. MooTools: What's Going On

Interesting article and news about MooTools development

527. Retro Roundup - 101 Free Resources

Searching for that Retro Look ? Wouldn’t be great to find all the resources you could ever need in the same place? Because that’s exactly what we did. We’ve taken all the best retro vectors, textures, brushes and fonts… and made a big happy retro family.

528. Create a Professional Portfolio Design in 17 Easy Steps

Learn how to create a professional portfolio design using basic steps and a little creativity.

529. How to add Alexa Widgets effectively

Add Alexa widgets to your web site to improve Alexa Rank but beware of the consequences when not placed well on your pages.

530. Design a Stunning Sneaker Advert

Learn how to design a stunning sneaker advert, using a variety of lighting effects.

531. 50 Typography Designs to Fuel your Inspiration

For when you’re in desperate need of some inspirations or simply love looking at something that is creatively awesome and genuinely original.

532. Review: WhatTheFont iPhone app

A full review of iPhone app WhatTheFont by myfonts

533. Free World Map Collections in Vector Format

When it comes to maps, there are only a limited number of free resources that we can find online.Just in case you also need a map for your project, here are the links to the best of the ever useful maps. I hoe you’ll find them useful as well.

534. Coolest Business Cards Part 5

These are the coolest and most innovative new business cards that I could find out there.

535. Best CMS Software for Creating Online Communities

There are a lot of open source and low cost content management systems out there and we have outlined them here.

536. The Mesmerizing Curves of Ampersands

Below are 30+ beautifully designed ampersands that not only serves as an “and per se” symbol, but as a mesmerizing design element on its own. The ampersands below are both from free and paid fonts sites and foundries, with links.

537. A Linux users review on windows 7

I have been a linux user for quite some time and I loved my stay, although I needed photoshop and had to shift back to Windows. Since I dont really like Xp and Vista after using Ubuntu, I decided to give Windows 7 a try.

538. 500+ Free Seamless Patterns for Web and Print Designs

Seamless patterns are very useful as design elements, especially as background for websites. Adding a bright and interesting seamless pattern as background is a great way to lift the look of a website without much effort.Here are more than 500 seamless tilable patterns that you can use for your web projects or even as background for making scrapbooks, invitation cards, and many more.

539. 50+ Sites to Promote your Portfolio, Web Design, Blog

You have a cool blog, portfolio, design website, company web site. Why not promote it for free? You have worked so hard, why not get some traffic?

540. 16 Powerful And Open Source E-Commerce Applications

16 great open source e-commerce applications.

541. Stunning web designer portfolios

Visit web designer portfolios and meet famous web designers

542. Intro to Web Design: CSS

This article is about style. The style layer of a web page is what makes it enjoyable for humans. Search engines and other robots are perfectly happy with just the content layer, but for the web to be human it has to have style.

543. How to Drive Traffic To Your Startup Design Blog

Tips and techniques that has helped me in the early stages of my blog to bring in traffic, and hopefully continue in the future.

544. CSS Template Cheats

The following CSS template cheats have been tested in all browsers and provide an excellent starting point for a wide range of CSS layouts.

545. Design a Futuristic Athlete Graphic

Learn how to create a futuristic athlete graphic using a combination of layer masks, brushes, the pen tool and various blending options.

546. Do you want to improve your design skills?

Are you doing enough to renew your skills as a designer? If your answer is no, the following tips should be of interest for you.

547. 50+ textures for Your Design Appetite and lot more Resources

Web designer’s love textures. They use texture in websites, banner, graphic design more. Enjoy these texture’s. Most of this texture are free for personal use.

548. Would you buy Photoshop if released on Linux - Cast your vote

There are a lot of Linux lovers out there who stick with Windows as they need Photoshop. Lets find out if there are enough buyers for Photoshop for Adobe to start selling a Linux version.

549. 43 PSD to XHTML, CSS Tutorials Creating Web Layouts And Navigation

Learn how to use CSS, how to create layouts in the right way, forget about table-layouts and enjoy CSS real power and put these 43 PSD to XHTML and CSS tutorials in good use!

550. Design a Retro Futurism Space Scene

Learn how to design a retro-futuristic space scene, using a variety of lighting effects and photo manipulation.

551. 25 brilliant wine label, bottle & package designs

Following is a list of wine that a designer could have picked based on their design at the store.

552. How to reset your Myspace Profile Theme using CSS

Use this css reset to make your Myspace look more presentable.

553. Tried, Tested and True Techniques for Effective Brochures

Brochure design from the 1950s is so dramatic – the fonts, the typefaces, the images. They make you think you are really going somewhere special – something

554. 18 Wickedly Creative Brochure Designs

Stuck in a rut trying to design that brochure that will stand out from the boring norm? Try playing with unique folds, die-cut shapes and eye-opening colors.

555. Free Hi- Res Textures - Nature Set

This week it’s time for a new set of hi-res textures. The theme is nature so you will find lots of great colors and amazing surfaces: different kinds of leaves, branches and some great tree bark texture. The resolution of the textures is around 3800 x 2500 px.

556. March 2009 Calendar Wallpaper

Tutorial about making a calendar wallpaper using Photoshop CS2.

557. Design with Humility / Design with Conviction

There is one paradox that is key to the design vocation: the paradox of humility and conviction.

558. List of 15 Icons Website

Looking for an icons? I think this is for you, a list of 15 icons website for free and for sale icons.

559. Top 7 green website templates

Top 7 green website templates to greet the upcoming spring

560. Google Adsense Monetizing, Traffic, Testing Tips, Tricks And Resources

Pretty huge overview with many Adsense related tips, wordpress plugins, tools, best techniques and success stories.

561. Get Inspired – Typography

For inspiration purpose and for your viewing pleasure, we bring you some examples of typography posters along with some innovative motion graphics videos.

562. Startling Female Photo Portraits

It’s a splendid collection of female photo portraits that impress not only creativity but excellent technical execution.

563. Stunning CG Surrealism: From Origin to Modernity

The stunning collection of surrealistic CG paintings

564. Gumball Special Magazine Style Free Blogger Template

This theme has 4 columns and a unique style to display posts in columns.

565. Vikiworks Infinity Blogger Template

Awesome Vikiworks Infinity Theme is now available for Blogger users for free.

566. 40+ Creative and Colorful Postcard Designs

In celebration of the very talented yet underrated Behance network designers, we’ve sorted and created a list of the top creative and colorful postcard designs from the site. If you think we missed someone whose postcard designs are worth mentioning on the list, feel free to let us know!

567. Logo Design Trends 2009 - Showcase

Check out this logo showcase article trying to select the most appropriate logo designs according to 2009 Design Trend predictions.

568. Best of CSS Design February 2009

A lot of submitted websites for the month of February, and here are the best of CSS design that we’ve love most in no particular order.

569. Animal Silhouettes in Vector Format: The (Almost) Ultimate Collection

Aside from people silhouettes, animal silhouettes are also popular in both web and print design. Here, I have listed a number of resources that you can use for free just in case you need some animal silhouette elements in your designs, both personal and commercial.

570. Portfolio that says “Look at me”

They are some of the coolest portfolios on the web. They have good usability, clean interface and minimality. Get inspired!

571. Best of Wordpress in February

February is only 28 days in calendar and we are also posting 28 best wordpress websites in the web.

572. Interview with Dmitry Samal, freelance designer

Dmitry Samal is a successful freelance designer from Belarus. Specialized in industrial design, he exhibited his work around the world and awarded for it.

573. 71+ Free PSD Resources

71+ great free Photoshop resources to help you design!

574. Design a Sleek Real Estate Website

Learn how to create a sleek, professional real estate theme in just 15 easy steps.

575. Thou shall play with your food! Creative Food Art.

Some people have gone beyond the cooking and eating process and transformed food in …well…pure art. This resulted in an incredible number of compositions made entirely out of food that look amazing. And here are some of the artist that have created some outstanding creative food art.

576. Intro to Web Design: Getting Acquainted with the Peripherals

Being a well rounded web designer requires more than just understanding the core concepts. There’s server-side scripting, client-side scripting, animation, e-commerce, and a whole slew of additional technologies for the web designer to learn. Technically, you may be able to build a website without them, but you will be severely limited in the type of website you will be able to build.

577. Beautiful Girl Illustration for free!

Do you need a girl illustration for your website or web blog? Then you won’t loose your chance to download it for free

578. Wordpress Plugins For Increasing Traffic

A blog/website is driven by the number of people you can reach. In this article you ’ll learn more about some Wordpress plugins that can help increase the number of visitors to your site.

579. 17 Places To Look For Freelance Jobs

With the slumped economy, graphic designers, like all other working individuals, are trying to exhaust all possibilities to get that extra income flowing. Here are some websites we’ve compiled to help freelance project hunting an easier feat.

580. 11 sexy and funny TV commercials

some commercials that are both creative and sexy.

581. Stefan Chinof - illustrator

Stefan Chinof is Bulgarian and he likes typography, illustration, advertising and jazz. All four of them in a well ballanced combination. I believe he likes illustration and advertising more, cause by looking at his creations you can’t say something else. He uses very powerful colors, maybe extravagant sometimes but they’re well put in the design so it looks just perfect.

582. Our Ten Twitter Tips

David and Marc give you a run down of what they think are the most important aspects of growing your twitter following.

583. 34 Super Cool Photoshop Brushes

For creative folks who just can’t get enough of Photoshop Brushes, here’s a little something for you. It took me some effort to step on the brakes and put an end to this list so I do hope you enjoy downloading and using these fantastic brushes made by talented people online. If you know of a photoshop brush you think should be a part of the list, feel free to contribute!

584. Best iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

The iPhone and iPod Touch are very useful devices out of the box, but they become even more useful when expanded by the multitude of applications available for download

585. Create an Elaborate Photo Manipulation Around the Theme of Time

Create an elaborate photo manipulation, dealing with blending options, lighting and perspective.

586. Show me some well designed logos! #19

Maybe you like something simple, pure, angelic like Beauti and Cross logo, maybe psychedelic like Pandur. Or maybe, why not, the origami style found in Adrian Costea’s Garbo. And even if you didn’t like these, you must like the clean and simple style of Elk, Dugasi or Jodie Potter or the 3d-ish look of JarCreative and Selenaya. Maybe you do… There is no place for ‘no’ here. Enjoy these week’s 20 inspirational logo designs.

587. 16 Useful Smarty Scripting Tips and Techniques

Compilation of useful Smarty scripting tips and techniques to help build smarter dynamic templates for PHP programmers and template designers.

588. SEM Labs Icon Pack

Pack of 52 free 48×48 web icons.

589. 40 Web Design Artists And 102 Websites Worth Watching

Consider this article as inspirational article now and if You choose to watch those artists, then inspiration blasts in long term.

590. In search of free but quality e-commerce and business icons

There are millions and millions of icons that you can download for free nowadays. But if you tried googling for free e-commerce or business icons, you will certainly agree with me that the choices are quite limited. Here are some of the e-commerce icon sets that you can find and download for free. These sets include mostly shopping carts, credit card icons, graphs, charts, sale badges, and many more.

591. Turn On Your Creativity! Light Effects Tutorials

Here are some great tutorials that concentrate on the use of LIGHT. You will find an impressive collection of light effects that you can learn and adapt to your own projects

592. CSS Code Snippets for Web Designers & Developers

Why recreate CSS code that has already been created. Check these sites offering free CSS codes.

593. 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website

Performance is something that is often overlooked but load time is important. Here’s a few quick tips for optimizing your sites.

594. Creativity Rss Icons +50 instances

Great list of Creativity Rss Icons. No one can miss them!

595. SXSWi 2009: Tony Hsieh Opening Remarks

Tony Hsieh, co-founder of Link Exchange and current CEO of, kicked off SXSWi with the opening remarks on Saturday March 14th. In fitting SXSW style and spirit he conveyed the story of his .com success which has touched two decades (a rare winning streak in internet entrepreneurship) and shows promising signs of continuing into a third.

596. Another Great Artist from Spain

Maybe it’s the food, or the air or who knows what…but there’s something happening for sure in Spain cause this week we had to ,we simply had to bring to your acknowledge and admiration the work of yet another Spanish artist, Jericho Santander. This time I shall try no description for his work. You’ll see for yourselves.

597. 27 Most Stunning Landscape Wallpapers

Check out these beautifully photographed and creatively rendered landscapes wallpapers to spice up your desktop.

598. SWSWi 2009: Not the Same Old Story (Jason Santa Maria - Moderator)

The SXSWi panel “Not the Same Old Story” was a look at how design is used to enhance story-telling and more specifically how web design is lacking in this area.

599. Assault Grunge Photoshop Brush Set

A collection of Photoshop brushes.

600. SXSWi 2009: Virtual Goods - Making it Work for Your Community

The recent explosion of the virtual goods market has changed the way the world thinks about economic value and has pushed our culture one step closer to a sci-fi existence unimaginable to previous generations.

601. Design Battle: Vector vs. Raster

Vectors and Raster Images is what every designer or graphic artist regularly uses. So let the battle begin and decide for yourself!!

602. 20 Free Original Hi-Res Grunge Stained Paper Textures

I’ve been experimenting with tea bags and water to create some custom grunge stained paper textures and here they are for free !

603. Creating CSS Flare Elements for Clarity and Style

By making a habit of “pre-styling” a short list of HTML elements, you can make sure that the content on all your sites is easy to read and looks professional.

604. Free Flash Video Tutorials +19 sites

List of Great sites to find free flash video tutorials. Every one is described well and No one can miss them!

605. Grunge Design: Why It's Cool to be Broken and Disheveled

In order to answer this question, we’ll have to take look back at one of the cognates of postmodernism, twentieth century existentialism.

606. Typography Commandments

10 Commandments that you should never ever , under any circumstances break . Ok you can break them but be sure that the readers will be very annoyed.

607. Milk Photography

Milk Photography - Andrey Razoomovsky. Creative and original milk photography.

608. Arbenting's Inspired Web and Best Of Rundown 1

Arbenting’s best of the design web and weekly inspiration series kicks off with a feature on beautiful paper art.

609. Getting to the Particulars: What This Christian Designer Believes and Why

“Tell me in detail what you believe and why.” This is the request I received from an old high school friend a few weeks ago on Facebook, and I have to admit it locked me up.

610. 100+ Stunning Cool FREEBIES, Vectors, Brushes, Icons

Get some of our fantastic freebies ! A mix of icons, fonts, vectors, brushes, badges, and much more…

611. CreativityDen

A site dedicated to creativity. Need Inspiration then take a look.

612. Mirificam Press Interview Series: Veerle Pieters

Veerle is a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. She is the author of the immensely popular Veerle’s Blog and founder of the creative agency Duoh!

613. Web Design Trends: Illustrated Characters

Illustrated characters add some character and a sense of friendliness to your website. Here’s a showcase of inspirational illustrated characters along with some further links for inspiration.

614. Converge SC web design conference

ConvergeSC is a web conference where designers, developers, business and marketing professionals can gain insight into all aspects of our industry.

615. Proprietary CMS vs Open Source, a Contrarian Point of View

How to choose between Proprietary CMS or Open Source Software

616. Mirificam Press Interview Series: Jeff Croft

Jeff is a designer for Blue Flavor, a standards conscious design agency in Seattle, Washington. He recently co-authored two web design books, Pro CSS Techniques, and Web Standards Creativity published in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Jeff is also a frequent speaking guest at conferences and blogs on whenever he gets a chance.

617. 10 Mistakes Logo Designers Can Make When Designing Logos

There are many mistakes we can make when designing logos for our clients or even ourselves.

618. 10 Great Logo Design, Branding and Identity Books

As designers we often look for inspiration for our work, so I’ve compiled a short list of some useful logo design and branding books.

619. Mirificam Press Interview Series: Brooke Condolora

Brooke has built an impressive list of clients and projects and I’m sure we will hear more from The Bloc Creative as they build their business.

620. Creamy CSS Showcase

Inspirational showcase of the best css based websites from around the world.

621. Illustrator Tutorial - 3D lighted text effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to create some 3D text, which we will then apply some art brushes to so that we get a neat, futuristic spacey effect.

622. Illustrator text tutorial - Rocky 3D text

Learn how to distress your own type, turn it into a 3-dimensional shape and apply some hand drawn styling to it

623. Tutorial for Colorful Lighting Effect in Illustrator

Vector tutorial on how to create a colorful lighting effect in Illustrator

624. Jack Tree Thai Cuisine Logo Design Critique

The first thing I notice when looking at the Jack Tree Thai Cuisine logo is the ‘j’ and ‘t’ ligature. I don’t care for this ligature.

625. Project Scheduling - 14 Designers Share Their Advice

14 designers share their process of booking (not over-booking) new client work.

626. Top Illustrator Tutorials

Illustrator-Tutorials - For Beginners & Professionals ( Logos, Wallpapers and many more )! Including “How to create the Twitter-Logo” Screencast!

627. Random Photography Logo Design Critique

Unfortunately, the random letters and fonts that make up the word ‘random’ remind me more of ransom note than something random.

628. Mirificam Press Interview Series: Jonathan Snook

Snook is a frequent guest at web design conferences and the author of a top level blog about web design.

629. Tutorial on how to create an awesome portfolio layout

Learn how to create a sleek portfolio layout using a gorgeous damask texture.

630. A comprehensive Magento blog

This blog is ideal for those who are keen on Magento ecommerce software.

631. Color Psychology in Logo Design

Color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and messaged in your logo designs. It’s probably the most powerful non-verbal form of communication we can use as designers.

632. Spectacular Photos of Creation-Part1

These photos are just a small snippet of Creation, they show the awesome Power and Magnificence of God. Take some time to look around your environment and you will see his handy work.

633. 10 Wordpress Plugins That Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

In this article, we are going to see 10 Wordpress plugins that will help to gain higher search engine ranking.

634. Mirificam Press Interview Series: Molly E. Holzschlag

Molly is a long-time web standards pioneer. She has authored or co-authored over thirty books, one of which is the enormously popular Zen of CSS Design.

635. How To Make An Effective Layout For Your Brochures

The layout of a brochure is critical for receiving the results you desire. A brochure printing piece has to be readable to maintain the attention of your audience

636. Free Textures, Inspiration and Tutorials

Archiving free to use textures, inspiration and tutorials

637. koikoikoi visual art magazine

KoiKoiKoi is a magazine about visual arts to 360 °. Illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, advertising, web design, photography, but also trends, interviews, tutorials, resources and inspirations.

638. Rubens Cantuni - Tokyo Candies

The works of Rubens Cantuni, italian illustrator.

639. Wordpress 2.8 Optimization Guide

Learn how to Optimize Wordpress & your server for the best possible performance for your readers.

640. Photography

A journal featuring photography subjects, events, product reviews, and featured photographers.

641. Best Free Icons

Featuring free original icons made for use on your desktop or in your web design projects.

642. LOGO Design, Vol. 2 Book Review

The latest logo design book from TASCHEN, entitled LOGO Design, Vol. 2, just arrived at my office on Tuesday. It is a follow-up to the popular first volume entitled LOGO Design, Vol. 1.

643. Symbol signs for signage design

A professional designed collection of symbol signs, free available for download as a OpenType font.

644. Interactive Webdesign with CSS and jQuery - Part 2

Improve the Usability of your Website with jQuery! The Webstandardblog presents a small collection of jQuery-Plugins to create a better User-Interface.

645. Professional Portrait Photography by Nekrasova Tanya

Awesome gallery of 80 beautiful and creative people photos by professional female portrait photographer, Nekrasova Tanya, based in Simferopol, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in southern Ukraine.

646. Creative Advertising by Metagate Studio

Super creative retouching photo advertising by Metagate Studio, ad photographers based in Hamburg, Germany

647. Heartland: A Cute & Sweet Blogger Template

Hey guys after a long long time, I’m very happy to present “Heartland”, a clean and playful land full of pink, hearts, and fun. This is especially suitable for personal blogs. Originally created by Intuitive Designs.

648. Crinoline Flowers by Daryl Banks

Beautiful legs in works Daryl Banks, creative and very talanted glamour photographer. Daryl is Toronto based fashion photographer. Enjoy the unusual photoworks.

649. Beautiful Photography by Markus Klinko

French-Hungarian Markus Klinko was born in Switzerland, began piano at 3, studied harp at the Paris National Conservatory, and had an illustrious career as one of the world’s top classical harp soloists

650. How to Fix or Remove bX Errors in Blogger XML Templates

If you’re a user and facing these annoying errors (bX-xxxxxx) when adding new widgets or uploading a custom template, here is the solution for you.

651. Photography Blog

An inspirational publication for photographers.

652. Amazing Waves Photography by Clark Little

Fantastic photos by Clark Little, photographer of breaking waves . Clarks photos capture the beauty and power of monstrous Hawaiian waves from the inside out

653. Creative Caricatures by Anthony Geoffroy

Amazing and funny cartoons by Anthony Geoffroy, professional illustrator, based in France. Enjoy the super creative artworks.

654. 150 UNIQUE and FREE Vector illustration.

Download over 150 UNIQUE vector illustrations available for download only on . You will not find these vectors elsewhere.

656. jQuery - The easy way to navigate

15 different solutions to navigate through websites. The JavaScript-Framework “jQuery” is going to show you “how”!

657. Photomanipulation by Jose Neto

José Neto, brazilian, born in Brasília-DF, raised in Goiânia, art director and photographer for fun. Worked for clients such as Citroen, Fly Emirates, and many others.

658. your red colored website on QNT

To complete the red color line QNT is searching for red colored websites.

659. Amazing Black and White Cities Photography by Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner was born in 1955 in Wels, Austria, when the country was still under allied occupation. He grew up in a family where the camera was used so rarely that as many as three Christmas holidays would be captured on one roll of film.

660. 60 Coolest Handwriting Fonts

Why 60? because I reached 60 and got tired to type anymore. You’re lucky they’re the coolest 60 handwriting fonts you’ll ever find in your life. Check it out!

661. 45+ Excellent Website Analytics/Monitoring/Counter Services

Everybody needs to track their website visitors. Not everybody has the right tools. Here’s a compilation of 45+ web analytics tools, each of which, has a unique feature sure to satisfy your needs. Check them out and monitor your visitors!

662. Link Baiting Helps in Getting Huge Amount of Website Traffic

Its a dream of every website owner that they get higher page rank in search engines without affecting their budget for promotional activities. The technique of link baiting could provide highly lucrative results. Link baiting is about making use of articles and anchor text titles on which the user clicks on to view the information, or get a free download, or provide any other attractive offer for your company.

663. 16 Impressive Image Optimization Tools

A Comprehensive Review Of 16 Image Optimization Tools, All Free For Use!

664. Creative Advertising Photography by Thomas Lavezzari

Amazing and superb creative advertising works by Thomas Lavezzari, professional designer, based in Italy.

665. Free Blogger Template: Paper Wall by Smashing Magazine

Paper Wall is a stunning new template by Smashing Magazine & INDEZINER. I’ve not seen such a beautiful and colorful template in a long long time, so, I’ve converted to Blogger.

666. Vintage, HDR, Blur & Co. - Photoshop - Tutorials

Create your own Vintage-, HDR- or Blur-Effects with Photoshop and watch the Screencast “Natural Beauty Retouching with Photoshop”.

667. How to showcase Joomla Websites

If you think your website has original and attractive design and it is Joomla-based design - then, you are welcome to our showcase - Best Joomla Design!

668. Mirificam Press Interview: Nate Ernst

Nate Ernst is a web designer/writer out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the owner of Varloo Design.

669. 31 Compelling Desktop Blogging Clients To Make You Forget Your Online Editor

This article reviews 31 innovative blog editors, which allow you to blog from your desktop easily.

670. Advantages of Interlinking in SEO for the Website

Usually we come across many websites were the home is optimized very beautifully and various techniques are used to do it successfully. The webmasters do this by optimizing title, alt tags, H1 tags, keyword density and various offpage factors for improving the quality of inward links.

671. IzzyTodo - easy todo list builder

IzzyTodo - easy to use, free todo list builder, which allows to build unlimited todo lists with unlimited todo items. It’s easy to use and intuitive, helps to organize live targets or projects

672. Where to Find the Coolest PhotoShop Brushes Online

If you are looking for some really neat looking Photoshop brushes, there are plenty of sites you can go to. It is not nearly as hard as it sounds to find fresh, unique brushes online.

673. Creative Image-Galleries by jQuery

10 creative and different Image-Gallery solutions. If sliding, switching or scrolling - the JavaScript-Framework “jQuery” is going to show you “how it works”!

674. Creative Advertising Photography by The Orange Apple

The Orange Apple is a creative retouching studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia producing high and creative imagery for the photographic and advertising industries.

675. Convey Right Brand Image and Message Through Logos

A company logo has to be meaningful and purposeful. They are seen everywhere and carries a specific message affecting the subconscious mind of the consumers and their buying behavior. The most important factor of a successful logo is its corporate image and its integrity. It means the logo should exhibit qualities like strength, loyalty, honesty, completeness and strong determination.

676. 50+ wonderful white websites

Many websites are createded this time by using white base color.

677. 22 Really Useful Website Analysis Tools

A review of 22 tools which allow you to analyze every aspect of your website’s popularity.

678. Mirificam Press Interview: Wesley C. Griffin

You can see some of the projects Wes has worked on in the past at

679. Most Creative Agencies

A listing of killer design agencies from around the world!

680. Best 5 CSS-Websites

There are a lot of good CSS-Websites out there, but only few they them are really amazing, like the following 5 CSS-Websites!

681. Top 10 of JavaScript-Frameworks

Small overview about 10 JavaScript-Frameworks like jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, Ext JS and many more. What’s your favourite Framework?

682. How Webdesign can be inspired by Landscape-Design

It’ so easy to find the right “Color-Scheme” for your Screendesign. Let you inspire by Landscape-Design!

683. 20 Kick-Ass Wordpress Theme Frameworks For Rapid Theme Development

A review of 20 Wordpress Theme Framework to enable rapid theme development.

684. Webdesign inspired by jQuery and Twitter

There excist a lot of possibilities to use the Twitter -APi’s to include the Twitter-Functions into your own Website. This small collection includes 9 different solutions to use those API’s.

685. Offloading ALL JS Files To Google

2 Techniques For Using the Google infrastructure To Host Your JavaScript Files

686. 100 Stunning Examples of Creative Glamour Photography

Frank grew up in South Africa where he studied fine art at the Johannesburg school of Art. A chance encounter with a photographer who offered him a job made him drop out of college and immerse himself in learning about photography.

687. Web Design: The Ephemeral Art

A website is not eroded into its primary natural elements. It can be no symbolic offering to natural law. In fact, the opposite is true: the ones and zeros that make up digital design hold faster and firmer that the hardest marble on the statues of Greece and Rome. Paradoxically, there is hardly a website alive today that looks anything like it did ten years ago.

688. Grunge-Photoshop-Tutorial - Welcome to the jungle

Modern websites should be more than just the presentation of information. That’s the reason why images are necessary to transport emotion: Watch the Grunge-Photoshop-Tutorial “Welcome to the jungle” and you know what I mean!

689. 18+ Handy Tools To Check Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues

A must-have toolbox for web designers to check cross-browser compatibility issues and eliminate them.

690. Designers finest freebies, Vectors, Brushes, Shapes

Need Design Inspiration ? Have a look at the most stylish websites, or get some of our fantastic freebies ! A mix of icons, fonts, vectors, brushes, badges, and much more…

691. Microsoft Wave

Lots of cool products of which a lot are free to download

692. Web Do's & Don'ts

Usefulness for the modern day web designer.

693. 12 jQuery-Games - Memory, Tetris, Puzzle, Slotmachine, Blackjack ...

Online-Games are no longer only based on Java-Applets. JavaScript is the Key! Therefore jQuery-Games proudly presents Memory, Tetris, Puzzle, Slotmachine, Blackjack and many many more!

694. 7 Tools To Help You Secure Your Next Big Brand Name

7 incredibly useful tools to help you check for the availability of your username/brandname/vanity url over several popular media sites at once.

695. Hey, Designer!

Quality resources for web designers and developers.

696. Vector element in business card

Each company or people in the world wants their business card more innovative .Now days Business card designers has started to add vector elements in their design.This make business cards eye catching .

697. 22 Free Smashing Wordpress Themes Reviewed

A collection of 22 awesome magazine-style Wordpress themes, free for use!

698. Free Web Icons

Gallery of royality free icons for your web design and development requirement.

699. 21 Effective Feedback Tools - Now You Can Get More and Better Feedback With Less Effort!

Getting feedback on a new or existing project is essential. Here are 21 feedback tools to help you achieve your goals!

700. 20 jQuery Plugins/Techniques For Web Designers And Developers

Everyday, new jQuery plugins and techniques are being released on the web. You may not have the time to check them all out, but here’s 20 relatively new jQuery plugins/techniques to quench your jQuery thirst for now.

701. Top-Notch Flash Sites of Design Studios

This post praises the creativity in flash design. Check them out! Enjoy this collection of top-notch flash sites.

702. 125+ Eye Catching Macro Photography Examples

Spooky Designer is here again with another eye catching post of 125+ macro photography examples. Have a look at these awesome photos.

703. 25 floral pattern for designer

25 free floral pattern for designer

704. Basics of Open Source Software and its Benefits

Open source software is present right from the origin of internet which gives the chance to improve it and make people a part of it.

705. Create an Awesome 3D Future City

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an advanced city of the future inside of 3DS Max.

706. Amazing Animals Photography by Natalie Manuel

Awesome animals photography by Natalie Manuel, professional animus photographer, based in Melbourne, Australia.

707. 20 Essential Wordpress Caching And Performance Plugins

Get your Wordpress blog to perform better! Optimize it, tune it and make it run faster. To help you achieve this, here’s a compilation of essential tools for you!

708. Gorgeous TweetDeck Color Schemes

A list of gorgeous tweetdeck colour schemes which everyone will love it.

709. Best Blogs on Blogspot

Blogspot is a great tool for writing your own blog, but these just some of the best blogs i have found on the website.

710. The Best Concept Phones

The mobile phone market is forever evolving and has a huge turnover, most models however good they are never stay on top of the market for long. This is the Best round-up of concept phones, phones designed on Deviantart and Coroflot.

711. Domain Age and Factors Affecting it

The article gives information regarding domain name and factors that effect its success time. There are certain factors that influence domain age and its online visibility.

712. 10 Best Sites to Download Patterns

If you’re looking for a good sites to download free seamless patterns, I’ll show you the right path with this compilation of Best Pattern sites.

713. Email Marketing Leads to More of Product Selling

Recession has become widespread in almost all countries and businesses around the globe. So people are coming up with newer and novel ideas for selling their products/services. Many times companies don’t have enough funds for buying a shop for selling their products, due to weakening buying power of the customers.

714. Master the art of tableless web design

XHTML and CSS training and web design tutorials to help you master the art of tableless web design.

715. Project2Manage got an upgrade! has been completely re-designed and re-coded from the ground up! Here are just a few of the new features we’ve added: * File Management – attach a file to a Message, Spot2Jot or Comment * Theme support - this allows you to customize the look and feel of your account * Support for non English characters such as Japanese * An improved user interface

716. Some 'Never Seen Before' Examples Of Light Photography

Spooky Designer is back with Some ‘Never Seen Before’ Examples Of Light Photography.

717. 35 Inspiring Watercolor Effect in Web Design

Here is a showcase of 35 Inspiring Watercolor Effect in Web Design. Below you will see how the designers effectively applied watercolor textures or brushes and come up a perfect design.

718. 50 Amazing Typography Wallpapers

Design and Typography go hand in hand, designers the world over use typography in logo’s, advertisements, packaging and posters. This round-up shows off the best in typography wallpapers, taken from various sites across the board and those which i have bookmarked in my research online.

719. Creative and Horror Photo Manipulations by Zhang Peng

Zhang Peng was born in 1981. He lives and works in Beijing. Zhang Peng’s photography takes young, vulnerable women and girls as its central theme.

720. 30+ Amazing Wordpress Themes

when good design and wordpress capabilities are combined, the fuse reveals a far more attractive and creative designs that even CSS veterans envy

721. Search Engine Marketing in Modern Times

In present online market scenario, search engine marketing is used for creating online marketing plan having main strategies as techniques.Main aim is to divert high quality of web traffic from major search engines.

722. Beautiful Nature Photography by Nikolaj Lund

Amazing nature landscapes by Nikolaj Lund, semi-pro photographer based in Aarhus, Denmark.

723. Mirificam Press Video Series (Part 1): What is Design?

In this first part of the Mirificam Press Video Series the question of the definition of design is explored. Four definitions from famous modern designers are considered along with a short discussion of the divorce of function from form.

724. How to Write a Logo Rationale

When presenting logo concepts to a client it is often productive to have written rationales to accompany each concept. This can help you, the designer…

725. Explanation of Affiliate Marketing Basics

Several people have resorted to world wide web for making money online. If you attained information about becoming online business person than you must have come across the term ‘affiliate marketing’.

726. The Sexiest Twitter Background Designs

Twitter has spawned up as an amazing tool in promotion of articles, social lives, news and many other things. But from looking at people’s profiles especially designers and large brands we can see some amazing twitter background designs also.

727. 40+ New and Fresh Blogger Templates

Showcase of some neat, fresh and brand new blogger templates to pimp up your blog.

728. CSS3 - The Future of Webdesign

CSS3 is going to show “The Future of Webdesign”. The following article includes some interesting and helpful CSS3 ressources.

729. Glamour Celebrity Photography by Greg Endries

Greg Endries was born in Upstate New York and began taking pictures when he was sixteen, after his mother gave him his first camera, a Leica.

730. Employee Management Concept for Effective Workforce Handling

Employees are the most important determinants of a company’s success, therefore investing in a well framed employee management system will prove to be valuable.

731. Video Series (Part 2): The Christian View of Design

In part one of the Mirificam Press Video Series, we looked at the definition of design. In this second part we will be considering the the Christian view of design and how it satisfies the inconsistencies we discussed in part one.

732. Google Sidewiki Launched: Allows Anyone To Comment About Any Site

Today google has added a very new feature to Google Toolbar, Google Sidewiki. It allows users or web site visitors to leave comments about the websites / webpages they are visiting.

733. Guerra Creativa: Web Design and Logo Marketplace

Guerra Creativa is a battle seeking to enlist the best of the best in creative web media. Find or Create Web Design and Logo Contests to win cash prizes

734. 40 Best iPhone Wallpapers and Resources

Here, I proudly present the 40 Beautiful iPhone wallpapers, designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around.

735. 20 Blogger People to Follow on Twitter

Some of the coolest people on twitter those who can be called “Power Users Of Blogger/Blogspot Platform”.

736. ImageFlow - The animated Image-Gallery

Using the well known “Coverflow-Effect” as Image-Gallery is more than easy. Check out ImageFlow!

737. Mirificam Press Video Series (Part 3): The Purpose of Design

Part one and part two of this series focused on the definition of design and the Christian view of design. In this third part the focus shifts from the definition of design to the purpose of design. Why do we design? What is the real goal of our vocation?

738. Free Photoshop Brushes: Set – I

Here is our first set of design freebies. This set comprises of 2 packs of Photoshop Brushes – Floral Hues and Vintage Magic. The pack contains brushes that can be downloaded for free from the links given below the descriptions.

739. Social Network Icons Reloaded

Roundup of some of the beautiful Social Icons designed.

740. HOW TO: Facebook Share Count Button For Blogs

The Facebook sharecount button displays the number of times the current page has been shared on Facebook. In this hack you can see how to put the share button on your blog.

741. Mootools in Action - Gallery Showcase

JavaScript-Framework “Mootools” in Action - Showcase of international Websites ( from Ferrari to Vimeo ). Check them out!

742. Best of the Web: September Design Commnunity News

The Best of the September Design Inspiration, some of which are chosen from random tweets and the others which were submitted in Submit news section of Cheth Studios.

743. Giveaway contest - Invoicera Billing Software

Three lucky readers will be able to win a license for Invoicera. Read the rules below to find out how you can join this contest: it’s pretty simple! If you’re one of the three winners, you’ll receive one licence for Invoicera.

744. New Free Social Icons Library

A new library of free social media icons so website owners, bloggers and freelancers can easily find the best social icon sets.

745. HOW TO: WordPress Style "About The Author" Widget For Blogger

Wordpress Style ” About the Author Widget ” is now available for Blogger Blogs. This hack teaches you how to add the widget on your blog.

746. SEO Tips for Small & Meduim Scale Businesses

If you want to earn maximum profit online then search engine optimization is the best option. It is applicable for all types and sizes of businesses.

747. HOW TO: TwittLink Retweet, Fast Share counter for Blogs

Now introducing Twittlink. Clicking on it launches the TwittLink widget instead of opening a popup widnow to your twitter page like tweetmeme does. This makes your blog reader stay at your blog, as they will never have to leave your page.

748. Create a Business Card In Photoshop

In this tutorial i will show you how you can create your own Business Card using photoshop.

749. Ecommerce Website Design

Basically, e-commerce is a business technique, where the objects are bough or sold through various electronic media. The electronic media include Internet or the computer network and some other.

750. 19 Base Themes for Drupal

A base theme usually has nearly no css styling, provides theme regions, advanced features, and its purpose is to enable you to create new themes fast, focusing on changing design to code.

751. Drupal for .edu

Any .edu site requires a powerful and yet flexible Content Management System that would comply with all complex requirements, and it seems that Drupal is perfectly suited for university websites.

752. CSS Ray

CSS Showcase of best looking inspirational websites.

753. Design Process of Danielku Logo

Brand identity project development for Daniel Keller, a music producer, blogger & audiogadget lover from Switzerland.

754. 35+ websites with a grey base color

Today beside black and white websites also grey sites are liked very much. See which different grey site layouts

755. CSS Backgrounds: 12 Solutions To Common Questions

This post will help you understand the css background property.

756. Free Font: Monbijoux

We list only the best Freebies: A creative and extraordinary font by Billy Argel Free for personal use - enjoy!

757. Roundup: The Best Web Design Cheat Sheets

Over 50 PDF cheat sheets covering many aspects of web design including PHP, regex, wordpress, css, fonts

758. What Makes Wordpress So Great?

The first page of a beginner’s guide into Wordpress- discusses advantages of Wordpress.

759. Building a Back-Link Strategy without being Penalized by Search Engines

Your aim should be to get high rankings on search engine and a search engine sees a natural pattern of increased back-links towards your website rather an instant flood of irrelevant links pointing to your website.

760. How Well Do You Understand CSS Positioning?

The css position property seems easy to grasp, but it works a little differently than it appears on the surface.

761. Free Font: Ledlight

We list only the best Freebies Ledlight Font by Billy Argel

762. Introduction to PHP – Part7

Array is a systematic collection of data of similar data types that can be accessed by numeric index. Array is one of the most important and oldest data structures that are used to implement other data structures like strings, maps, vector etc.

763. Design Philosophy Explained

In this article, I attempt to explicitly define ‘philosophy’ within the context of design, in more idiot-proof parlance.

764. Designers & Vampires – The Creative Mind

An in-depth look at the creative mind of designers from a philosophical perspective.

765. Z-Index And The CSS Stack: Which Element Displays First?

Z-index may seem simple, but there’s more to the overall equation when deciding which elements display in front of others.

766. A Guide to Writing Effectively about Design

This article explores the art of writing about design.

767. Keeping the Creative Flame Alive

This article aims to unravel the ways in which to preserve and nurture creativity amongst design practitioners.

768. Search For Infinity

Amazing new work by Chris Halderman. A graphic designer from the Netherlands! Truly inspiring for other artists who need inspiration!

769. Stunning Mesh - Best Place for all.

Best Place for Deginer whether New or Expert.

770. The Identity Dilemma – An Alternative Perspective on Branding

This week’s article looks at the myriad of ways in building a solid brand identity. Constructing an effective identity entails the designing of unforgettable user-experiences.

771. Breathtaking Digital Art by Kerem Beyit

This post has a collection of a few of the breathtaking, creative and really inspiring artwork by Turkey based digital artist Kerem Beyit.

772. 25 Excellent Advertisements on Environmental Issues

This post has a collection of 25 excellent and really creative advertisements and posters on environmental issues.

773. Transform Creative Ideas into Stunning Designs

This article provides comprehensive guidelines on how to transform creative ideas into visual masterpieces.

774. 30+ Amazing Backgrounds For Twitter Lovers

Twitter is a great micro blogging platform and a good looking Twitter background can help in increasing its effectiveness. This post has a list of 30 amazing(and free) Twitter backgrounds.

775. A Guide to Writing Killer Content for Your Design Blog

This article provides a comprehensive guide to writing great content for your design blog/publication.

776. 22 Beautiful Photoblog/Gallery Style Templates for Blogger

This article has a collection of 22 excellently designed Photoblog and Gallery style Blogger templates that you can use for showcasing your photos and design portfolio.

777. What is Design? A Thorough Analysis of Definitions

This article explains the often misunderstood concept of design and provides an insight into how creativity and design are linked.

778. Photography by Peter Lippmann

Peter Lippmann is an American-born photographer who has worked in Paris for the last 25 years. He specializes in still life, advertising, magazine work,

779. Photography by Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon was an American photographer. Avedon capitalized on his early success in fashion photography and expanded into the realm of fine art.

780. Designing Beautiful User-Experiences on the Web

This article presents a comprehensive guide towards designing engaging user-experiences on the web. It asserts that a rewarding user-experience has to do with the ability to “tell a good story”.

781. Papervision 3D Tutorials

An impressive collection of Papervision 3D tutorials which can be helpful for web designers, developers and Flash professionals.

782. Great Logo Designs by Larkef

A nice collection of designs made by Larkef, inculdes logo’s, icons and websites.

783. Using Social Bookmarking Websites to obtain High PR

We all know that these days’ people spend several hours on social book marking websites such as Digg, Delicious, and Stumble upon and many others as these websites are used in many ways to acquire information.

784. 5 Great Ways to Block U-Turns on Your Web Site

Here are some tips and tricks to make your website design creative and engaging at the same time!

785. A “Bystander’s Perspective” on the Design Community

This article presents a detailed overview of the design community and provides an array of suggestions on how to further improve community spirit.

786. Lessons Learned From Launching a Design Blog

Lessons I’ve learned from the first 30 days of launching a design blog.

787. 35+ Beautiful and Inspiring Sand Sculptures

This article has a collection of over 35 captivating and really inspiring sand sculptures created by talented artists from around the world.

788. Interview with Six Revisions

Interview with Jacob Gube of Six Revisions

789. 150 Free Premium Quality Wordpress Themes to Welcome 2010

As we are welcoming 2010, i have decided to collect 150 Free, very beautiful and premium quality Wordpress Themes for my readers

790. Fabulous Fine Art Photography By Max Ash

Max Ash takes astonishing and evocative photographs of natural landscapes. Here are a few of his works from his collection titled “Echoes” .

791. Designing an Idea - Application of Creative Concepts

Have an excellent design idea? Learn how to execute it. This article explores how exactly designers can design an idea, before integrating that very same idea into the structured paradigm of a new web project.

792. Successfully Promoting Your Gig

A great turnout for your gig is difficult to achieve whether at a local event or an event in a new city. A well-planned promotion schedule is the key to high ticket sales and a large turnout at the event.

793. Blogging Inspiration

Weekly tips and tricks on blog design, promotion, search engine optimization, writing content, web tools and more. Blogging Inspiration is focused on how to make a blog, blogging and make money blogging.

794. Collection of awesome artworks

A showcase of nice and cool artworks. Here you will get huge amount of quality collection of design and art works.

795. The Death of Originality in Design- Coming to Terms

This article asserts that originality is dead in design and provides a list of reasons why.

796. 26 Creative and Beautiful Drop Caps By Jessica Hische

This article features 26 (A-Z) beautiful drop caps designed by New York based freelance typographer and illustrator, Jessica Hische.

797. 50 Packaging Designs That Pack A Punch

There is an old adage that taught us: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” but in a world where there are thousands of competitors for any one specific product, this does not hold true.

798. Weekly Web Design Inspiration #03

This article showcases 10 beautifully designed websites found over the week.

799. LivingDesign

A creative and inspiration resource dedicated to design and life, and everything in between

800. Amazing Illustrations By Philip Straub

Philip Straub is an Illustrator & Art Director from Seattle. He uses Adobe Photoshop & Corel Painter on most of his works. Philip Straub objective is to create and develop beautiful things that entertain and enrich peoples lives.

801. Designscollage

its all about design and art

802. 25 Unique & Creative World Map Design

I’m not gonna share about the real & formal world map. I’m gonna present some of unique world map design. They are unique, fun & sometimes weird. Check it out!

803. 8 Wonderful Tag Cloud Generators

A compilation of 8 Wonderful Tag Cloud Generators which you can use in your projects. uses it to create an greater header for their website, you can put it to other use too!

804. Gestalt Principles: How Are Your Designs Perceived?

Gestalt principles are a set of tools at your disposal for controlling how your designs are perceived.

805. 30 Nice CG Posters From SeventhStreet

SeventhStreet is a graphic design company who employ some of the most talented graphic designers

806. 20 Sets of Sketch and Doodle Brushes Collection

Your doodle didn’t come out the way you wanted? Or not as cute as you intended? Try some of these awesome doodle brush sets..that’ll solve parts of your life problems. Now, you just gotta figure out how to make more money.

807. Movie Inspired Wallpaper For Your iPhone

One of the great pleasures in life is to sit back, relax and enjoy a good movie. In the last couple of years many great movies have been coming out of Hollywood and abroad. One of my favorites being, V for Vendetta. In this post you will find an amazing collection of movie inspired wallpaper from classics like Ghostbusters and Jaws to the very recent and popular Avatar. So why not go ahead and spice up your iPhone with one of your favorite movie posters. Enjoy!

808. 43 In-Browser Web Development Tools That Will Make You A Better Web Developer

This is a toolbox that is sure to contain most of the web developer tools you need to develop your website into something unique and make you an infinitely better web designer.

809. 10 Best Techniques and Resources Javascript / Ajax Scrollers

jQuery and MooTools is most popular JavaScript frameworks with powerful tools that can dramatically improve user interaction with Web applications.

810. 25 Unique 3D Light Graphics Wallpapers

What I’m gonna show you is 3D version of light painting wallpapers, which called light graphics

811. Freelancer’s 911

Find out how to prevent disasters in your business before they happen.

812. Illustration Pages

Illustration pages highlights the Facebook pages of visual artists from around the world.

813. Creative Celebrities Portraits by Michael Lavine

Michael Lavine grew up in Denver, Colorado, and graduated from Denver’s South High School in 1981. During his school years a camera was never far from Michael’s hand. He was active in the photography club, and as a photographer for the school newspaper and year book.

814. The Sign Scene

A collection of user submitted billboards, street signs, storefront signs, and anything related to the world of signs and display advertising.

815. How to Create Favicon using IconBuilder Filter in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to create favicon for your website using IconBuilder filter plugin in Adobe Photoshop.

816. CSS Design Gallery

CSS design gallery for inspiration and ideas for your site…

817. JS Animation - fadeIn and fadeOut

Make animation of fade in and fade out online in javascript. Rewrite of jQuery fadeIn and fadeOut methods in less than 20 lines.

818. Create A Les Paul Guitar Vector

In depth tutorial, how to create a Gibson / Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar vector from scratch. Using Adobe Illustrator

819. Cognitive Dissonance: How Contradictory Ideas Affect Design

The theory of cognitive dissonances suggests that people are motivated to reduce dissonance by changing or rationalizing attitudes and beliefs.

820. Missile Defense Agency Logo – A new twist to the tale!!

Here comes a new twist to the Missile Defense Agency logo design. A striking resemblance has also been observed between the new “MDA logo design” and the “Iranian Space Agency logo design”.

821. Gotta' love HTML5 & CSS3

Creating a tabbed animated image gallery with only HTML & CSS

822. All Da Crazy and Fun Stuffs You Can Do in PHOTOSHOP

Because a little bit craziness is healthy for your life. And there are no boundaries to what you can do in Photoshop. So fire up your imagination and let’s check out what life has got to offer today.

823. Images Of Faces: What Do They Communicate?

Three principles of design that involve how we perceive images of people are attractiveness bias, face-ism ratio, and baby-face bias.

824. The Inside Design

Web and Graphic Design Blog

825. Jump-Start Your Freelance Career

Practical methods of getting new freelance business

826. Learn a New Photoshop Trick with VunkySearch

One of the best ways to learn a new trick in Photoshop is to grab a tutorial that catches your eye and dive right in. VunkySearch offers just that kind of eye-pleasing, pick-up learning.

827. Desire Lines: Let Your Audience Shape Your Design

Desire lines show how people are actually using your design. They show how people want your website to behave.

828. Community News: Are you Missing out in Submitting your Design Articles Online? | Design Juices

Articles can be submitted in nearly every design site around, each will often either have their own page or have a submission form in the sidebar of their pages. News can be submitted quick and easily, often bringing new droves of people to your site.

829. iPhone Games

Best place to get updated information related to iPod Touch apps and iPhone games

830. Artist of the week - Kirsi Salonen

Amazing digital paintings of Kirsi Salonen

831. How To Organize Information And Improve Your Design

How should you organize your site’s information? How many ways can you? Are some organizational systems better than others?

832. Html5 & CSS3 layout tutorials and templates

Experiment with the new powerful features of HTML5 & CSS3 and improve your coding skills by trying out these great tutorials and free layouts.

833. Freebie: Modern Web UI Set

A nice, clean and minimalist UI Set from

834. Design Cookbook

Design Cookbook offers useful online resources for creating great design. Your one-stop solution for finding design links.

835. How To Improve Usability With Fitts’ and Hick’s Laws

Fitts’ and Hick’s laws make your sites more usable by helping your audience make up its mind and take action

836. RSS Feed Generator

Online tool to generate your xml feed in rss 2.0 format.

837. 30 Jaw Dropping Wallpapers

This collection will give you many different moods and feelings you can’t explain.

838. The Meaning of Lines: Developing A Visual Grammar

A simple line can have an endless combination of variety and through that variety convey different meanings, concepts, themes.

839. 12 Most Exciting Logo Mergers of the Corporate World!!

When companies merge, on several occasions their logo designs undergo similar treatment. When two or more corporate brands decide to unite, either through a merger or an acquisition, it often gives birth to a new corporate logo.

840. Marchs Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

This roundup includes 31 Photoshop tutorials which deal with creating web layouts, all were published in March 2010.

841. Photoshop Brushes

Your Source for high quality Free photoshop brushes.

842. Extraordinary Digital Artworks of Kagaya + Wallpapers

I always like Kagaya’s works because of his unique style of art. I used to use some of his works as my desktop wallpaper. I always wonder if I can make digital arts like him.

843. The Meaning Of Shapes: Developing Visual Grammar

Shapes have an endless variety of characteristics, each communicating a different message, each a part of our visual vocabulary.

844. 25+ Beautiful And Creative Business Card Ideas

It doesn’t matter in which business you are, a professionally designed business card is as important as your identity. Let’s take a look at these outstanding business cards which show that there are truly no limits to the design of a business card.

845. Script for Div Move

Simple javascript for div move horizontally, vertically and diagonally. And easy to attach callback function.

846. 29 Premium-Like Free But Extremely Tremendous Portfolio Wordpress Themes

If you don’t have a portfolio siteyet or are looking to create an interesting, easy to update, fast loading and professional looking portfolio than you mustuse these Portfolio themes of wordpress.

847. Awesome Masterpieces Of Creatively Executed Funny Photos

These photos will prove that a photo can become more interesting and inspiring when it has creativity and humor at the same time.

848. 43 Breathtaking Examples Of Night Scene Photography

Night photography although is very challenging due to the low lights level but at the same time it is very rewarding in terms of its popularity and remarkable results. Night photography obliges special equipment for instance, SLR cameras, tripods, cable releases, and flashguns. It is usually conducted after the sunset when the everyday world is transformed into a magic world. For this session, we have collected 43 miraculous examples of night photography which are created by some meticulous and enthusiastic photographers all around the world.

849. Beautiful typography video

It’s some sort of competition entry. Pretty rad use of typography and sound design though!

850. Awesomely Unique (And Creative) Package Designs To Get Your Attention

This post deals with some effectively designed packaging that are simply very attractive, impressive and you simply can’t resist having them n your shelf.

851. 3 Design Principles To Help Your Audience Remember You

Increase audience understanding and recall with the principles of depth of processing, the von Restorff effect, and chunking

852. Smashing Release : Free Web Design Icon Set

Today, we are releasing new set of Web Design Icons, a free icon set. There are 8 icons included in this free iconset having a size of 512×512px in PNG format.

853. 3D Portraits That Make You Say ‘Wow’

These are some of the beautiful digital artwork and illustration examples. These are the wonder creations of designers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference.

854. 50 Absolutely Stylish Vintage and Retro Graphic Wallpapers

Here is a new addition to our wallpapers collection that is based on Retro and vintage wallpapers. These two fundamentals are becoming more and trendier and have been used in a variety of design contexts. So here we are presenting a memorable image of Retro and Vintage years that usually refers to the decades before our present day, up to the last century.

855. Showcase for Creatives

creative crossing becomes a new “Showcase” Section for show the world your creative works.

856. Propositional Density: Adding Meaning To Your Designs

Proposition density is a measure of how much meaning your individual elements, their combination, and your overall design communicates.

857. Absolutely Amazing 3D Computer Graphic Artworks That Make You Say Wow

3D computer graphics always produces the most dazzling and implausible effect, and this is the main reason why it is so popular and everyone likes it.Here are some amazing examples of 3D Computer Graphics in which you can notice the detailed CG artworks and the effort that artist put to create such types of comprehensive and complex artworks.

858. 10 Excellent Free Web Apps To Create CSS Forms and Grids

CSS forms and grids are something web developers and designers usually employ to create great webpages. If a developer starts writing the code for these forms, it becomes quite a difficult process. That is exactly why numerous online CSS form creators exist, to make the developer’s job easier.

859. Experimental Typography on the web

A new website dedicated to the experimentation of typography on the web, particularly @font-face and CSS3 methods.

860. 7 Must Have Google Wave Extensions

Google Wave is a great communication tool. The initial response when it was launched wasn’t as good as it was hoped, but I’m sure that it’s one of the first communication tools of the new decade, and it will someday replace Email and Instant Messaging at once.

861. March’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Here’s a collection of fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community (March 2010).

862. A Showcase Of Colorful & Impressive Typographic Artworks

When a designer opts to design a poster that mainly spotlights the typography as the key component of his design, he always try to make sure that his design would not only be comprehensible but also arty at the same time.

863. 70+ Fierce Dragon Designs from deviantART

In this article I compiled a list of fantastic digital art of dragons from deviantART.

864. Everything Adidas!

If you are anything like me, you really love your Adidas apparel. I have found that over the last few years the Adidas brand has really taken off with their three divisions of clothing; Performance, Original and Style. Although my favorite is the Original line, I found that everything Adidas makes is great. In this post you will see some Adidas focused designs; everything from poster ads for the 2010 World Cup to some really cool library chair painting. This post is a definite must you for Adidas fans. Enjoy!

865. What’s The Signal to Noise Ratio Of Your Design?

Communicating too much leads to information overload. Your signal has to stand out if you want it to be received.

866. 3D Icons

Free high quality transparent PNG images for webdesigners and developers.

867. Stunningly Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before (National Geographic Special)

In this post you will notice the beauty of nature, culture and the natural resources.

868. Symmetry And Asymmetry In Web Design

Symmetry is beautiful. Asymmetry is interesting and dynamic. Both should work together in your designs.

869. 45 Absolutely Stunning Examples Of Silhouette Photography

You can easily differentiate Silhouette Photography from the other types of photography because it looks like a dark outline against a light background. This is considered as the best option when an artist wants to convey mystery, drama, and emotion in his photographs.

870. 10 Practical Jquery Style Switchers

Here is a roundup of 10 practical jquery stylesheet switchers for you to test and implement into your website, thus providing a better user experience.

871. How to make a news ticker in javascript

Tutorial to introduce 2 methods on how to make news tickers using javasctipt animation techniques.

872. Biophilia Effect: Improving Your Designs With Nature

The biophilia effect says that environments with views and imagery of nature can reduce stress and increase focus and concentration.

873. Incredibly Captured Beauty Of Reflection In Photography

This is a most popular way to beautify your photographs and bring life to them. All you have to do is dig deep enough into your imagination and come up with new and exciting ideas on how to make a lifeless photo look extremely incredible.

874. Tips for a Viable Logo

Your logo is the face of your business. It brings to mind your company along with your service, products, and personality. Many people will see your logo in ads and on your business cards before they come into your store.

875. April’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Here’s a collection of fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community (April 2010).

876. Wabi Sabi: Natural Simplicity In Web Design

Wabi Sabi is a humble yet sophisticated design style. Its aesthetic ideals are impermanence, imperfection, and incompleteness.

877. Stunning Photos Filled With Creative Ideas And Humor

Photography can become more interesting and inspiring when it has creativity and humor at the same time. Here are few examples to make you say WOW.

878. Gpanion - Your Google Apps Companion

The easiest way to work with your Google Apps from your home, office, everywhere. Use Gpanion on your Computer, iPad, iPhone, mobile, and television.

879. Brilliantly Creative Photos Captured With Great Timing

These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference.

880. Designed By Credit Links Are Good Marketing

Designed by credit links are perfectly fine and and a more than acceptable practice. They’re simply good marketing.

881. A complete guide to CSS pseudo-classes

A complete guide to all CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 pseudo-class. Covers :nth-child(), :nth-of-type(), :first-child and much much more.

882. Show Time: 30 jQuery Calendar Date Picker Plugins

Today we will be featuring calendar date pickers to let you output planners, calendars, most of these date pickers are built on jQuery.

883. Fight with Spam: 15+ Free Captcha Solutions

A ‘Captcha’ is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human or a spam bot.

884. Psychological Study of Web Designs

A website is the window to the soul of an Internet business as well as the people behind it. It may have a positive or may be a negative effect on your end result…

885. May’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Here’s a collection of fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community (May 2010).

886. Email Templates

Free Premium Email Templates

887. How To Write Better Design Posts

This post shares a process to help improve the quality and quantity of your blog posts.

888. How to Code an Overlapping Tabbed Main Menu

Main navigation menu is that part of a website design that makes the whole site look lively and complete. But the most common type of navigation menu style still being used a lot is the tabbed navigation menu. Here is a tutorial on how to code an overlapping tabbed menu.

889. Thoughts On Starting A Freelance Design Business

How do you start a freelance business and find new clients? Here’s my story with some tips along the way.

890. The Wild And Wonderfully Creative Animal Artworks

This form of art is getting much popular these days. You can go as weird as you want and bizarre as your imagination would allow you to go.

891. June’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Here’s a collection of 26 fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community (June 2010).

892. Searching Freelance Jobs – Steps to Take

In order to begin your journey of searching freelance jobs, you would have to make sure that you are searching for the jobs at the right places. Take assistance from search engines in order to find reputable and reliable freelancing networks and websites. It is advisable here that you must consider the websites and networks ranked higher among the search engines because their search engine ranking clearly displays both their reputations and success as well.

893. The Ultimate Collection of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Beginner to Advanced

40 of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials (a mix of written and video tutorials), from beginner to advanced levels.

894. 25 Beautiful Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

In this next post, we had come up with a resources of free icons which you can use according to the designs that suits you best for your websites particularly on your social bookmark section.

895. Defining Exposure

In this post I define what exposure is and why it’s important to photography.

896. Recommended Books for a Prospective Product Designer

Here I want to recommend to you several books which you as designer may find to be of great inspiration and teach you or to improve your design education.

897. Initial Thoughts After Buying An iPad

Some initial thoughts after buying and using an iPad for a few days.

898. 33 Creative and Awe-Inspiring Logo Designs

In this next post, we’ve collected 33 Creative Logo Designs that may inspire logo designers and artistic enthusiasts.

899. Using the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial we’re going to look at the Puppet Warp tool in photoshop CS5, which is both fun and extremely practical.

900. Customise Your Sneakers with Artwork at Sneakart

Sneakart offers the perfect solution to the fashion conscious, artistically or budget challenged sneaker enthusiast, lasting for months or years.

901. How Much Money Do Designers Make?

Graphic designers make different amounts of money depending on what company they work for, how successful they are and who their clients are.

902. 5 Firefox Add-Ons For Your Web Analytics Needs

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world. The secret behind this popularity is thousands of small apps available with firefox which is also free.

903. 20 Must Learn Button Tutorials in jQuery and CSS

This is a compilation of some of the helpful tutorials that can teach you on how to use jQuery in improve and creating special effects for the buttons of your website.

904. Free Photography Exposure Tool

A tool to help digital and film photographers find the right EV for a variety of lighting conditions in ISO’s from 50-3200

905. Color Calculator

A free design tool to help people find color harmonies and schemes in RGB, CMYK, and HTML

906. June’s Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

This roundup includes 25 Photoshop tutorials which deal with creating web layouts, fresh and inspirational resources from design community (June 2010).

907. 30+ Retro Themed Wallpapers for your Desktop

Here we present 30+ Retro Themed Wallpapers for your Desktop that are available for you to download for free.

908. 22 Free Handy Mini Icon Sets

In our next post, we had come up with these 22 Free Handy Mini Icon Sets that may suit what kind of software application you are doing.

909. Content Management Systems: Why I Love to Work With Wordpress

I love Wordpress, I think it’s brilliant not only is it extremely useful it’s also easy to use. I discovered Wordpress in around 2007 and ever since it’s been my CMS of choice.

910. Check List to Evaluate PSD to HTML Service Providers

As the Internet has become a necessity for a huge population of the world and with millions of people accessing Internet space every day, and millions stay online constantly, establishing a strong online presence that has become vital for today’s businesses, non-government organizations, educational institutes or any other establishments.

911. Made Famous By CREAMOUS

More than just an amalgamation of all that is hip, trendy and oh-so-next-5-minutes, the CREAMOUS label is the forgotten lovechild of Fashion, Art and Design – certifiably 100% F.A.D. guaranteed.

912. 40 Red Logo Designs for Aspiring Logo Designers

Today, we will be sharing a collection of logos which are in red color that will surely inspire the new and aspiring designers.

913. July’s Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

This roundup includes 21 Photoshop tutorials which deal with creating web layouts, fresh and inspirational resources from design community (July 2010).

914. Take Advantage of the free space available at Twitter!

Twitter is one of the best social networks available today. It is not just a social network but it has become a part of life for millions of people around the world. Recently twitter reached 20 billion tweets mark and having more than 100 million registered users. Twitter is not only used for connecting with people, but we have also noticed rather unconventional usage of it.

915. XML 5 Star Rating System

Tutorial on how to design 5 star rating system using javascript, php and xml.

916. 33 Inspiring Fish Logo Designs

Here, we have collected 33 Inspiring Fish Logo Designs in which each fish shows a particular symbolic importance.

917. 10 Best Websites To Generate Buttons Online

Here you will find my collection of 10 best online button creators. Buttons are an important part of our website’s interface and these tools will help you create brilliant buttons.

918. 16 WordPress Plugins for Managing Ads

In this next post, we had come up with 16 WordPress Plugins for Managing Ads.

919. The Best Design Related Video Content in August

Here is a wide selection and array of design based videos I have bookmarked from all over the web, be inspired and learn something new from each video listed.

920. Top 17 Websites To Easily Generate CSS Grid Layouts

Here are some great online CSS grid builders that will surely help any web developers. See which online tool will suit your needs best.

921. 3D Artworks That Create Unbelievable Optical Illusion On Streets

You will find these paintings as amazing that create an unbelievably amazing optical illusion. So let’s get ready to indulge your eyes in these wonderful masterpieces of art. Feel free to share your opinion.

922. 35 New Hidden Logos of 2010 – Messages revealed!!

Here are 35 exceptionally creative logos that have a hidden message within them.

923. Designing with an expiration date! Beware of trends!

This article explores some of the recent trends in logo design and the dangers of relying too heavily upon trends. It also touches on the basics of what a good logo should entail.

924. 40 Beautiful Yellow Logo Designs

Here is our collection of 40 Beautiful Yellow Logo Designs that are beautifully made for every designers.

925. Why Posting Less Can Improve Your Blog

Is posting more content to your blog worthwhile if the result is lower quality? Would you do better publishing less?

926. 3 jQuery Youtube Playlist Plugins

With the aid of any of these three jQuery plugins your site will be video ready, allowing you to display your Youtube clips and playlists in style without reloading your page, having full control over the style of the playlist.

927. A Compilation of Free Music Icons

This compilation of Free Music Icons has been created to cater a number of music fans, music website owners, bloggers and/or designers.

928. Google’s Brand New Priority Inbox is a great feature for Gmail addicts!

Google recently launched the ‘New priority inbox’ a new feature added to Gmail, to improve the user experience. A beta version, company is rolling out the new feature on a trial basis to see the user response. The main objective is reduce email overload an

929. Over 19.000 free stock photos has just launched a brand new design with tons of new features.

930. 50 High-Resolution Apple Wallpapers for your Mac

For those who love customizing your desktop, here are the 50 High-Resolution Apple Wallpapers that you could download for free.

931. 40 Elegantly Designed Black Websites

Here is our collection of 40 Powerful and Elegantly Designed Black Websites.

932. A Collection of Free Facebook Icons

In this next post, we have came up with a collection of cool facebook-themed icons that you can download for free and utilize as you please.

933. 20 Best Websites to Learn and Master CSS

This next article is about 20 Best Websites to Learn and Master CSS. This is a great collection of cascading style sheets websites which will help you to learn more on how to css from beginner to advance.

934. Using Wordpress' the_post_thumbnail with Lightbox

A quick tutorial showing you how to use make Wordpress’ the_post_thumbnail work with your Lightbox script.

935. 22 Flash Preloader Tutorials

These are free and easy to follow, in order for you to create the preloader that is compatible with your website.

936. Help Search Engines Find Your Content

How do search engines crawl and index your content and what can you do to make it easier for them?

937. Maximizing Multiple Income Streams in the New Economy

This article discusses how a fundamental part of the new working economy, is to be able to work multiple contract jobs and generate multiple income streams.

938. Free Email Templates

FREE Email Templates for your Email Marketing Campaigns and Email Newsletters

939. Karo Liang

Self Promo Portfolio for Karo Liang

940. 25 Best Html5 Tutorials & Demos and Resources

HTML5 is gaining steam as the next version of the language of the Web.

941. 90+ Excellent WordPress CMS Themes and Plugins

In this article, showcases 90+ most loved Wordpress CMS Themes and Plugins.

942. Colour Psychology: What Does Your Car Colour Say About You

It is widely believed that color preferences directly represent a person’s psychology. These psychological definitions have been applied to the way people choose cars as well.

943. 12 Awesome Web Design/Development Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

It is a great time to be a designer/developer of websites. While it is 2010 and we still don’t have flying cars at least we have many great (and free) tools to hold us over until we are traveling in style like the Jetsons. Some of my favorites are the web based tools you see popping up all the time. I don’t find all of them useful, there are many that make my life easier. Today I am going to run down the list of web based design and development tools I find myself using on a regular basis.

944. A List of Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugins

In this post, we are featuring some of the WordPress Plugins that are designed to get more traffic to your blog and enhance your blog’s optimization for social media.

945. Why Famous Brands Fail – They came, they sold, they failed!

Successful brands can help a failed product, but a successful product cannot help a failed brand. We often neglect the reasons that lead to failure of good brands. Have a look at why famous brands like Coke, BP, Harley Davidson and Enron failed.

946. Sliderman - JavaScript Images Slideshow Library

Sliderman.js is a standalone javascript library for sliding images. The main feature of Sliderman.js is multiple unique effects which can be combined together. It’s very simple to use and have many options for fully customizable effects, display and navigation elements.

947. The Ultimate Designer Toolkit 55,000 Designer Items

For the past 2,000 years, a group of talented designers have been creating the ultimate toolkit for designers . Well, it was more like 6 months, but hey even then, the results are super impressive. How about 55,000 designer items in one single bundle!

948. Branding & Interactive Media In Video Games: X-Men Franchise

This article will focus on the history of the Marvel X-Men Franchise, and how the video games produced either helped or hurt the brand.

949. 20 Logos Inspired from Elements of Nature – Earth, Fire, Air & Water!!!

Each element of nature air, water, fire and earth can be used to carve out unique and meaningful logo designs. Here is a vast collection of logos inspired from all the elements of nature.

950. Wordpress For Musicians

Themes, Tips and Tutorials for Wordpress Musicians. Get hosting, Install Wordpress and get your music project launched.

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951. Mysterious Gmail Logo Redesign – Where is the change??

Google has redesigned its Gmail logo by adding hardly noticeable changes. The new Gmail logo colors have been toned down to compliment the new Google logo. Google has made the overall feel softer for the human eye.

952. Simon Newsome Portfolio

Personal Portfolio Site

953. 7 Great Tips to Design a Search Engine Friendly Website

Search engines Prefer well designed web sites with plenty text content for their top rankings.

954. Interview with Shacked founder and iPad developer Chad Podoski

Today we have an interview with Chad Podoski iPad developer and founder of Shacked. Their first app is called Flickpad, a very nice Flickr app. Enjoy the interview.

955. Webportio

Webportio is a catalog of the graphical elements for web designers working in Adobe Fireworks. All graphics are editable and freely use.

956. Why Craigslist Has A Near Perfect Design

As ugly as it is Craigslist has a near perfect design for what it aims to be. Here’s why.

957. Your Brand Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your most valuable asset is your brand. Treat your brand well and your brand will treat you well back.

958. 20 Creative Resumes for Logo Designers – Inspiring Ideas!

Every online logo designer has some good habits and some bad habits.

959. Download 60.000 items for designers

Win a Ultimate Designer Toolkit membership on

960. Branding for Beginners Where to Start

According to Kristie Rimmele, Internet Marketing and Branding Expert, 75 percent of consumer buying decisions are based on emotions. This relates to the sales philosophy of “selling to the benefit.” This means that consumers don’t purchase a product or service per se but the benefit that product or service provides. The goal of branding for every company is to instill in the mind of consumers the perception that they alone can provide that benefit in a way that no other company within its niche can.

961. How Important Is Semantic HTML?

Semantic code means more meaningful code. How important are semantics and is it ever ok to write non-semantic html?

962. Top 5 Web Tools for Social Media Gamification

What is Gamification, and why should you care? Gamification is the integration of Game Mechanics in non-game environments to increase audience engagement, loyalty and fun. It is said to be one of the largest movements/trends of our time. If we do end up tagging along with gamification, it will fundamentally change the way we live and interact with everything around us.

963. 40 Beautiful Examples of Black & White Photography

Sometimes a picture can look way better without its vivid colors. Black and White photography brings out a different kind of vibe and mood in a picture. This concept is hard to explain but very easy to see. If you were to compare the original picture to a black & white version, the results would be stunning. Now of course some pictures are better kept in color, for examples a field of colorful flowers.

964. 2 Methods For Developing Hybrid CSS Layouts

Code and construction details for a fixed content, fluid background layout and a fluid layout with max-width selectively applied.

965. Why do some startups fail?

There are many variables that are instrumental to the failure of a startup.

966. 10 Eco-friendly Chair Designs

10 Eco-friendly Chair Designs

967. Exceptional Fantasy Art Featuring David Rapoza

David Rapoza’s art is dark and evil with a mixture of vampires, zombies and witches causing death and destruction around them. Featuring art work from the World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering and cover art for Paizo Publishing.

968. How To Steal Like A Designer

The quote good artists borrow great artists steal is a statement about how the creative process works.

969. How To Develop Elastic CSS Grid Layouts

Code and construction details for turning your grid based designs into an elastic layout.

970. Highslide JS - Excellent image and gallery solution

Highslide JS is an image, media and gallery viewer written in JavaScript. These are some of its advantages

971. 30 Excellent Examples of Websites Using HTML5

Designing arena is always linked with the creativity and shaping things up. certain tools and platforms are always needed to help designers create beautiful masterpieces of art, and when a designer finds his tool that gives him ease to create beautiful designs then it is a win-win situation.

972. 15 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements

Vintage advertisement is so captivating and enchanting that no one can resist it.

973. Free Services to Backup Your Data Online

There are many services available online that allow you to keep a backup of your most important files.

974. 23 Design Books You Ought To Read

Quick reviews of 23 books about design basics, usability, design elements and principles, visual language, typography, and grids.

975. Does Your Audience Care About Design?

Do minimalist reading experiences like Readability and Instapaper prove that design isn’t important? Or is there more to the story?

976. Popular Methods of Website Navigation

The design and navigation of a Website appeals to the users more as compared to other things, suppose you visited a famous Retail Showroom in your locality. You observe that the materials of store are not organized at all. You find it difficult to walk in

977. Rounded Corner Business Cards

15 Designs for Rounded Corner Business Cards you might get an idea from…

978. 14 Beautiful iPhone and iPad PSDs

Today we have rounded up some of the best PSD and vector iPhone and iPad designs and we bring them to you. Some are for the iPhone 3G, others for the iPhone 4 and iPad, and we also threw in some GUI elements to aid in app design.

979. howcase of Inspirational Designs for Nike

Nike is the brand that is identified by the masses and chances are there that one day.

980. Shopping Cart Options for Developers

Shopping cart is the most crucial element of any ecommerce website that lets the customers pick their favorite items.

981. 30 Creative Logo Designs with 3D Elements

Using 3D elements in any design always brings a very compelling and visually alluring look.

982. Integrating Datepicker with jQuery

Today, we will discuss about one such code library named jQuery. It is an open source, is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

983. RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery

RoyalSlider is easy to use a jQuery image gallery with animated captions and touch support for mobile devices.

984. 8 Tips To Get Better Freelance Clients

The work you do today leads to the work you’ll do tomorrow. 8 tips to attract the clients you want.

985. 58 Business Card Examples You Sure Don't Want to Miss!

To create effective and high-quality business cards, it is important to be adventurous in coming up with a design. It’s also important to use only premium quality materials and printing equipment. There shouldn’t be any room for hesitation. You have to be gutsy and just let your imagination do the work. If the end result doesn’t turn out how it’s supposed to be, then start from an empty canvas and start all over.

986. Awesome Photos of the Lego World

LEGO is the most fun loving thing every child has in his childhood. In this post,

987. What is a Pixel Font? Explanation and Examples

There have been many fonts in the past that were once used for pure necessity, as nothing else would show clearly on a computer screen.

988. 30 Really Stunning Apple iPad Wallpapers

Millions of users all over the world are already using iPad.

989. Location-based services are here and this is just the beginning

One of the best ways to personalize information services is to make them location-based. Location-Based Services are information and communication services, used on mobile devices through the mobile network and based on the geographical position of the user’s mobile device.

990. How to remove Malware from your Site ?

Nowadays, more and more Websites are facing online threats and being infected with viruses, injections, backdoors, malware, adware pop-ups etc. To be on safe side, you should scan your Website through online tools and take necessary steps to remove the infections. We will illustrate the ways to detect and remove virus infection through your Website in this article We suggest you taking the backup of your Website and scan it.

991. Embedding Fonts into a Web Design: Pros and Cons

The availability of wide variety of Free Fonts has always been an advantage for designers to experiment and create appealing designs for a website.If a designer wishes to use a certain different font, he/she can do so by creating an image of the text in that font and uploading it on the site.

992. 20 Great Uses of HTML5 Techniques

As one application programming, HTML5 is widely used in some platforms script based. One of the functions that can be optimized is the use of the HTML5 web design to application development.

993. Showcase Of 30 Websites Using Expression Engine

Content Management System or CMS helps you manage you better manage your content and makes publishing new content,

994. CSS Selector Performance and Optimization

Here are some guidelines for optimizing your css selectors along with some thoughts on the importance of optimizing.

995. How To Add Images To Your CSS Borders

How to use css3 border-images, instead of generic styles, as borders around your elements.

996. 25 Incredible Logo Designs Inspired by Plant

Logos are the visual representation of the organizations and their businesses,

997. Beautiful Tera Environment Concept Art & Character Design

Developed by Korean game developer Bluehole Studio and published by Frogster who also manage Runes of Magic, these environments are breathtaking with some being just concept art and not the final version they show that the world will be beautiful. In addition featuring detailed character design I can not wait for the release of Tera next year.

998. Showcase of Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

Acknowledging the fact that the design and development community love to decorate their devices with stylish and classy wallpapers,

999. Examples of Street Art and Graffiti Art

With today’s collection, we aim to pay tribute to some of the best street art that will simply blow your mind away.

1000. Make Forms More Usable With HTML5

html5 introduces new form elements, new input types, and new attributes to help making building and using forms easier.

1001. 60 Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design #6

It’s been a really long time since we did our last installment series of “Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design.” To be precise, the last post was way back in June, 2011. Christmas is right around the corner and many designers are using their creativity at a maximum expense.

1002. Domain Name Selection: How to choose the best

To have an appropriate domain name is always the cause of worry for most website owners, the reason being, it is the primary step to ensure the success of a website or an online business. But there are several other benefits of having a right domain name such as it helps in effective marketing, branding, attracting visitors, building credibility, etc.

1003. 30 Free Christmas Icon Sets for Designers

Christmas is just around the corner and this is the time when designers need loads of different resources and material to design Christmas related themes,

1004. KP Design

Inspiration for all - photography, design, art, travels, and more!

1005. 20 Mind Melting Examples of Light Painting

Photographers utilize their knowledge of the different colors produced by various lights, and how they interplay with white balance settings. Light paint brushes can be as simple as a flash light, laser pen, old lantern, or even off-camera flash combined with colored gels.

1006. 30 Cool and Creative 404 Error Pages

We presented several collections on cool and creative error pages in the past as well and this time,

1007. 15 Useful and Free Twitter Tools

Twitter goes on to put in an astonishing quantity of 460,000 users on a daily basis.

1009. Should You Be A Generalist Or Specialist

Both specialists and generalists have important roles to play. Each has its strengths and can contribute to the bottom line.

1010. Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [2nd February-8th February]

jQuery plugins or call them javascript frameworks are fast becoming the essential part of the design and development world. People these days are seeking help of the same to cut down the extra effort and time that otherwise could be used in other things to bring more projects on the table. Why not after all, smart work always pays and its not good to take help and do your job efficiently.

1011. 30+ Best Responsive WordPress Restaurant & Cafe Themes

By using a professional and beautiful restaurant theme, you can make a simple website into a restaurant and attract visitors at the first sight. Here is a collection of 30+ Best Responsive WordPress Restaurant & Cafe Themes. These cafe and restaurant WordPress themes are very popular to create restaurant or cafe related websites in WordPress. We’re sure, you’ll like what you see.

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