20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website

Most of us have mobile phones. They help you to browse the internet, to write mails or to check into Foursquare from wherever you may be. Thats why webpublisher need to focus more on their mobile version of their blogs or websites in general. There are some of the excellent solutions to make your website mobile friendly. We have collected the best of them to provide you a great list of tips, tools and strategies.

mobify 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website

1. Create mobile or local value within 3 minutes

Realize the environment of using mobile phone. People are in the subways to work, waiting for the bus or just spending some time at home on it. In each case they amount of time online on mobile devices is much lower than on a desktop computer. You need to create a value to the user withing the first 3 minutes. If not - you lost, because the reader didnt have enough time to consume your product or service or is not satisfied with it at all, so he comes never back to you again. Provide value! The next app from the competition ist just 2 seconds and clicks away! How to provide value? Try innovative or cost effective products. Try something new, like location based services (for example friend-finder, or like facebook places).

2. Styling for mobile devices

The style of mobile phones are an important issue. When you have decided that you need to embrace the mobile, you need to consider the diverse eco system of your mobile application. You are deciding to have one of the fastest growing segments on web and you need to know the mobile eco system. It has many browsers, screen sizes, connection speeds etc. these days, Android system is gaining popularity. You should try to think in a bigger picture. You should have a good visual consistency, minimized scrolling and a web page transitions maintained with the desktop site.

3. Set A Default Zoom for mobile devices

You may want to consider to get rid of any extra white space. For example, if your site is cantered and has white space on the left and right sides, visitor will likely want to zoom in to see things more clearly

4. Resizing Images

If you have a small screen, it also means a small size for readers. You should try to avoid any kind of heavy loaded images. Instead, resize the images on a web browser. You need to optimize your images and links. Every mobile person will appreciate that as it makes them easy to zoom in for reading or watching

5. Automatic detection of mobile devices

Typing is something that many people tend to avoid. There are various methods of automatic mobile detection and some of them include User agent detection and a so called “DEviceAtlas”, which are very effective. They supply information of the capabilities of many devices.

6. Think about navigation

Your website may include headers and footers like a regular website, but when any one surfs your website through a mobile, all this does not matter. Try to avoid all things that may not be of much interest to the readers. Eliminate all kinds of unnecessary links to destinations, as they do not have much mobile priority. On the other hand, try to add something that may be interesting to the viewers. E.g you could add a ‘search’ form on the header or you could also add contact information on top rather than bottom, depending on your service

7. Easy to find link to full content version

How many times does it happen that your readers might not find the main information they were looking for, when they are browsing through the mobile version? So, it is good to add a ‘Full Site’ button on the footer so that they can have a glimpse of all features on your website.

8. Shorten your links

Nobody likes to type in long complicated links into a mobile browser. In times of twitter, shorten your links using services like bit.ly.

9. Consider Text And Spacing

Keep in mind the behaviour of mobile users on your web site. If links appear close together, they may be to difficult for users to click on the correct one with a mobile device. Also, small text does not suit well on a mobile device. Keep these things in mind when optimizing your site for mobile users.

10. Measuring Mobile audience

If you know the percentage of the mobile audience that you have, it makes your work much easier. You will see what your readers prefer and how they navigate. You know the popularity of pages and and where you need to work on. For knowing that, you need to get closer to the audience and listen to them and track their behaviour.

Mobile Tools and Strategies

I’ve been doing some research on the best tools for your mobile friendly version and find the following very useful to implement in your communication strategy:

11. Mobify

mobify 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website

This is a perfect theme for your website that gives you complete control over mobile site along with CSS. You also get some tools that help in managing all kinds of advertising of your websites.

12. WP Touch

wptouch 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website

This theme for wordpress helps you in showing your contents in a beautiful way and increases the page loading. Its design was inspired by Apple’s app store design specs. The importance of this application is that it does not interfere with your regular web themes. It beautifully transforms a Wordpress blog in to web application experience when you view it from iPhone, iPod, NAdroid and Blackberry touch.

13. MoFuse

mofuse 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website
This has become very famous. Over 23.000 blogs are using it for their mobile versions. MoFuse lets you easily create your contents, promote and build it and lets you track your own audience. The more visitors you get, the more it helps you in generating more sales and increasing income. Some of the big brands are like Mash able and Read write web are using it.

14. Mippin Mobilizer

mippin 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website
This tool helps you to mobilise your site. You must follow some steps in order to mobilise your website. You also get full control towards your branding and logo. Hence, this makes it possible to monetize your mobile site. As your site is mobile, then surely it will be generating more and more visitors and in turn it will give you much more profit. There are advertising tools for your mobile site to increase your income.

15. Wirenode

wirenode 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website
Almost 40,000 mobile web pages hosted in Wirenode and among them are some famous brands such as Ford and Reebok. It only takes about 5 minutes to get a mobile version of your site up and running, and gives you features such as mobile widgets, mobile polls, RSS mobilization and forms.

16. WP Tap

wptap 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website
WPtap offers a comprehensive mobile Wordpress theme for your website. WPtap provide mobile themes and plugins that can directly convert your website into a WordPress-application experience when viewed from the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Smartphone and Blackberry touch-based. It comes completely with all the features for a standard WordPress blog: search, login, category, tags, archives, photos & more. In addition, WPtap also offers many customization features through a user-friendly panel Wordpress admin.

17. Mobisite Galore

mobisite 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website
With mobiSiteGalore allows you to easily build, publish & share a complete a mobile website that is guaranteed to work well on many mobile phones. The design template is owned by mobiSiteGalore and allows you to fully customize the colours, fonts and layout on the page to create a unique view of a mobile version of your site.

18. Zinadoo

zinadoo 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website

Zinadoo allows you to create a mobile version of your website in just a few minutes. With Zinadoo you can also optimize your site for Google Mobile with keywords and tags. You can also make use of their special mobile widgets.

19. MobilePress

mobilepress 20 Amazing Mobile Friendly Tips and Tools for your Website

MobilePress is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to change your blog into a mobile friendly blog when viewed on mobile devices. MobilePress also allows you to create custom mobile themes for different handheld devices and mobile browsers like Opera Mini, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

20. Showcases of mobile friendly websites

Below is a set of examples or showcase of websites with a mobile version that might give you inspiration

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